So I am assuming I am getting screwed again

So I am assuming I am getting screwed again. I bought digital delux on Xbox one April 7 2016. on Microsoft it says I purchased the digital delux I have the receipt in my email still. So I never got my first born pack and now I’m not getting my hero keys. 2k so far has done nothing to help gearbox has done nothing to help. Xbox live support has talked to me and they have confirmed to me that I own the content I paid for. So why gearbox am I getting screwed over again and again with the new IP. I spent years supporting this company. And now I am starting to change my mind. I will not be buying any thing else from this company if this continues. And that makes me sad as I was looking forward to borderlands 3.

This isn’t the fault of Gearbox
The Firstborn Pack, as far as I’m aware, is for pre-orders only

He purchased it in April, which would be a pre-order by definition.

Sorry to hear about your woes. To be honest, stuff like this is why I avoid buying digital in the first place, but that’s not an excuse for poor service.

Try PMing one of the devs and see if you can get them to look into it for you.

You can’t read then I pre ordered in April. Says that in my post

That sucks Alani is super awesome to play

I had some issues with my pre-order as well, skins didn’t download, and it didn’t list me as a season pass holder… Seemingly randomly after the first patch though, everything showed up as it was supposed to. During that time I did email about support and they got right back to me, but needed more info. The fix happened before I followed-up, but they did get back to me about my issue within a few days, I’d try that route.