So, I can't get VIP rewards if I didn't order directly from Gearbox?

I pre-ordered from Microsoft on Xbox.

I signed up for and got started with the VIP rewards before I pre-ordered at all. I think you just need to connect your SHiFT account and it won’t matter how/where you bought the game.

Or are you having a problem with something else?

Thanks for the reply. The problem I have is that I was sent an email stating that I could get points, then when I clicked on it, no go.

It may be referring to the pre-order survey. If so, make sure to disable any adblock otherwise the activities may not show up.

I preordered in my local Game shop and still got the 250 points for the survey.

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Ok, yes it had something to do with cookies and or adblock. I can now see the other options and points.

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