So...I can't seem to take screen pics of my finds anymore

I figured it would be okay to ask this here since this ultimately pertains to BL1. If not I know this thread will promptly be removed- I understand fully if that ends up being the case.

Here’s the deal- I used to always take pics of interesting finds with the “Print Screen” command and easily paste it to MS Paint. From there I would usually transfer it to Imgur and post those images here and other places. Then when these boards transitioned to the new forums, posting images directly from my PC saved a lot of hassle and time of editing in the proper dimensions when uploading to Imgur.

However, a week ago I encountered a pretty nasty malware on my PC- it only affected my Opera web browser but every time I clicked on anything (even open space) I would get a pop up ad. I tried for three days to get rid of this malware but decided to give up and wipe my PC clean.

Instead of going back to Windows 7 I decided to give Windows 10 a try. I have no complaints so far…at least up until this point. This is the first time I’ve played BL1 with Windows 10. There are no performance issues, but strangely every screencap I take comes out as a solid black square when pasted to MS Paint. I can’t for the life of me figure out why it’s doing this…

Anyone else with W10 have this issue? Any tips on how to resolve this?

I know it doesn’t help your situation but I always just use my phone to upload pics and check the forums. Hopefully someone more knowledgeable will help you resolve your issue.

Why not use Steam? F12 makes a screenshot immediately which you can easily upload yourself (not the Steam Upload feature, manual is better for this forum. Once you have located the right folder it’s quick and easy).