So i changed to dx12. And yeah i cant get the game to start

Tips to reset this would be rly helpfull.


GameUserSettings.ini its in your documents/my games, change the line back to this:



Thx it worked!:slight_smile: <3

Got in game and changed settings to direct X 12, now when launching the game I get through the slash videos then game just sits on loading screen forever.

Widnows 10
GTX 1080
Latest drivers

Is there a way to revert to direct X 11 without launching the game?

my documents / my games / bl3, GameUserSettings.ini change the line back to this:


Or just delete the bordelands 3 settings file in documents

was hoping this would be fixed on launch haha

So how can we try dx12 if the game won’t start with It? Also did gearbox know from the start about this issue and didn’t give a ■■■■ about it…?

Just let it load and DX12 will work. It can take 5 full minutes to get to the main menu with DX12.

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For me a for all the people talking about it, It simply won’t load it’s endless

then dont use it

Thanks for the solution man u’re a genius, i think i’ll stick with the wounderful 60-40 fps on 1080p ultra-medium settings on a Vega 56 cause it’s not developers problem, it’s a custumer problem so who cares


:s xD

Request a refund. I did and my money is back in my account. Took about 30 minutes over email.

Oh dude, it worked ! thank you ! <3

I am having this issue and there is no place for me to put my preferred graphics in any code /doc anywhere

If you can’t change the GameUserSettings.ini file to switch DX12 to DX11 because it’s empty (which was wat I had because the game crashed before the file was filled up with settings), there is another way to force DX11 if DX12 doesn’t work.

In the Epic launcher, go to Setting (on the bottom left, under Downloads) and scroll all the way down to Borderlands 3.
Check the box Additional Command Line Arguments and type in -DX11 .
This will force the game to run in DX11.

Hope it helps.


I have been able to run in DX12beta Ultra until today, when I got an error message saying the video driver would not load. When it was working, it would take a long time to get past the Claptrap screen like 5 minutes or more. The game did seem to look better in DX12beta, but honestly that could be the placebo effect talking. I was able to run at a constant 60fps.

So thanks for the info on the fix and I’ll be going back to DX11 until DX12 is properly supported.

Yeah been trying dx12 latly my self. I have way more stable frames for sure. But 5 min loading and cant alt tab or it will cash etc dosen’t help.

I have a feeling we will get a performance patch anyday now. Altho its way better thene first fue days now. But not quite there

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just bought the game on epic game store waited 5 hours to download to only find out the some issue with directX message says " DX11 feature level 10.0 is required to run the engine" looked all over cant find anything to update directX so im frustrated HELP PLEASE

running windows 7 sp1

intel 7947 chip @ 4.0 ghz

32 ddr 3 ram

1060 msi nivdia card