So I finally understand Maya

Well, if you only played him that way, sure…

But anyway, who’s NOT a one trick pony if you get it down to so simple an equation ?
“Maya is just phaselock things and shoot them” … there easy

But then you would argue that Maya is NOT a one-trick pony, because there are many ways to play her: you can use a Cat build with SMGs, or a trickster build along with Pimpernels, or a multiplayer Nurse…

…and you would be right.

But it’s equally true for Sal.
If you’ve only played him one way, it’s on you. If nothing ever changed, it’s because you only played him one way, and if there were no strategy involved, it’s because you made a cookie-cutter build that didn’t require any to shine.

No, I mean literally, there’s only one way to play Sal. It’s kind of not on me…just sayin.

His entire everything (save for his one team bullet regen COM) is just pure “how many times in a row and how fast can I shoot a money shot”.

If I’m wrong, tell me what else there is. I’m actually genuinely asking because I guessed I’ve missed it in my ~6 playthroughs with Sal

Hey Hey Hey There’s at least 2 Ways to Play Sal, Utility Gun + DMG Gun (Either of Same Type to boost Divergent Likeness or DPS beatstick) and Rocket Armageddon with Vladofs. so Nyah :stuck_out_tongue:

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I asked about this a while ago. For what it’s worth, the thread is here:

Unfortunately, the links to the old forum pages are all snarled up…

This pretty much sums it up though

Nope, that’s totally, completely and utterly untrue.
Just because you don’t KNOW other ways to play Sal doesn’t mean that there aren’t any other.

That’s how the “most recognizable Sal build around” works, not “how Sal works”

Your number of playthroughs are irrelevant if you never tried to play him in another way.

Fair enough.

Here’s one for a start that relies on precise aiming, timing, and a bit of game mechanics knowledge

here’s another one harnessing the Pimpernel’s strenghts to Sal’s advantage:

Here’s one using the Hoarder COM that focuses on fire rate

here’s another build using the Hoarder COM, taking advantage of Sal’s ammo capacities

Here’s a Melee build using the 2 guns mechanics to double the blade’s melee bonuses

Oh! and here’s one that only uses rocket launchers!

I Honestly don’t have the time to get a video out for them all, but
there’s one that focuses on Brawn, even in the OP levels

There’s the last one I was doing with the Longbow and a War Dog COM

Dual Rubi seems to work great too.

Pure pistols with Anarchists and a Renegade COM is also awesome

(BTW, excluding the first one, none of these builds rely on money shot… some even don,t have it specced at all… and the first one is NOTHING like your description of the “sole build” for Sal)

Long story short: there is as much diversity with Sal as with any other character in BL2

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too be fair my first build sums up pretty much all of those builds barring the melee and the rocket one.

…And the Deputy ?

I mean yours is the classiest and most unique of the “Utility Gun + Beatstick” combo because of how beautifully an offhand Orphan Maker breaks the system, but it is like that in essence.

They’re all “how long can I hold two guns and shoot as fast as possible”, though. Most of them employ the GN as a pretty vital part of it because all Sal is is a blitzkrieg haha.

I appreciate all the videos and everything, but I’ve seen it all before. What I’m trying to say is very simple; there is only one way to play Sal. Put two guns in his hands and run at people. Not saying it’s wrong or stupid or anything, because that’s just his character. I’m just saying that after a while it gets really boring. Because I mean really, what can Sal do when he’s able to ADS?

Yeah, but to be even fairer, describing Sal as “utility gun + DPS gun” as his one and only playstyle is very broad, and a sentence of similar scope could be used to describe all characters as having only one plyastyle too:

Maya: “A DPS gun and phaselock”
Axton: “A DPS gun and a Turret”
Gaige: “Anarchy and a robot”

Using a DPS gun and a Utility gun when your action skill is to have 2 guns and Slag exists is not a playstyle…it’s just common sense :stuck_out_tongue:

If anything, those Sal builds are much more different from one another than 90% of Maya builds out there.

Derch’s build (for example) is not special because it’s radically different from other builds. It’s special because it’s very finely tuned and efficiently balances action skill, utility, survival and DPS.

But all in all, all maya builds are rehash of “phaselock, point, shoot, get health orbs, repeat”

Sal is not worse than any other character in that sense.

…w… what ? :neutral_face:

The FIRST one linked is as far removed from “shoot as fast as possible” as you can get…

And the GN ?

Half of the builds I linked didn’t use it!

that’s just being obtuse on purpose…

There is CLEARLY not only one way to play Sal.

Or if that is your standard, then there is only one way to play ALL characters, since they all include “equip a gun and shoot people” in the description

Ok so lets tie down the damsel and get this thread back on track.

Glad you found ur niche with Maya. hope ya have fun with her and ur future endeavors :blush:

the first one really was “how long can I hold two guns and shoot as fast as possible”. It was built around gunzerking as long as possilbe; hence the “how long can I hold two guns” part.

Now you’re just reaching a little bit and actually overgeneralizing. Like I asked, what does Sal do when he’s able to ADS? Everyone uses “DPS guns” because well…that’s kind of the only way to kill people as you move through the game. I hear what you’re saying 100%, I think you’re just not fully grasping what I’m saying.


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No Kill Like Overkill + BeeHawk. Nothing to it.

I guess you missed my part about not arguing with you that Sal is by far best for raids. But oh well.

Good luck my friend.

Of course I’m overgeneralizing: that was a kind of Reductio ad absurdum :smile:

designed to point out that YOU were overgeneralizing.

You saying that “there is only one way to play Sal” is no less overgeneralizing than those 3 other examples.

Then what is it that you’re saying ?

Everyone uses DPS guns…and so does Sal… his thing is that he gets 2… that’s about as comborific as you can get, and if using guns is what makes him samey-samey…

Other characters have other things, but they don’t have more diversity just because they can also ADS…

While Phaselock is always pretty much the same, and the turret is always the same, sal’s 2nd gun can change as often as you want… his playstyle is a bit more in-your-face, but there’s a world of difference between some of these builds.

Anyway, you don’t like Sal, that’s your thing. But it’s not exactly fair to say that he can only be played one way… that’s like someone saying that all wine taste the same to someone who likes them… you can’t help but defend what you like. :stuck_out_tongue: (and while I personally find that all wine taste pretty much the same, many people don’t, so I will put it down to MY OWN cluelessness , and not the actual objective lack of distinction)

Hey man, if you say so.

In any case, I’m glad Derch’s teachings are paying off. Maya is a great character to master and her skills mesh so well together. :blush:

And CR is vastly underrated. Hopefully, the new players coming from the new gen of console will be able to fully appreciate its potency.

Edit: That makes me think: If the CR KO-Punch works on PS4, does the Hyperius multi-bore work on new consoles too ?

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Can’t we all just agree that all the characters are amazing in their own way and thats what makes these games so amazing. There is a character for each of us.

Also Maya is the best, suck it chuck :smile: