So, I got a crazy idea

I was playing The Renegade as Kleese when I noticed that the ally Rath and I developed a strategy of chaining our ults together to clear a wave of minions very quickly.

That’s when I got curious about how effective this is in PvP.

Has anyone tried this before? If so, how well did it work out? Theoretically dragging all the nearby enemies into one spot so Rath can just spin away would be a great idea, but practice always proves to be the ultimate judge over theory.

A lot of ults can be chained really well. Deande and Oscar Mike can be silly. I hope people don’t realise this ungodly power you stumbled upon :weary:

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Team ulting OP, need nerf!

Lol, but Yeah, that will cause some complaining on the forums, and people threatening to leave if it’s not fixed, but me personally, it’d be annoying like, the first game that happens.

Then next game I see Rath and Kleese on the same team, the old man had better be VERY careful, because Rath’s evil twin will be slashing at his head, and it won’t stop until he becomes a headless chicken in a throne :slight_smile:

Then when I have a Kleese on my team, I’d do the exact same thing that they did.


I’m really tired of how many people want nerfs but it just takes some skill to deal with just about everything. Wouldn’t you run at the Rath? Klesse is a bit annoying to kill.


I think Kleese is the bigger issue in this case. He’s harder to catch because he’s far away from the battle, setting up his stations and generally killing you without you even knowing. He’s also the one that’s pulling you in, most everyone has a special that can kill in an aoe, Kleese is the one that’s pulling everyone in, he’s the guy that’s enabling the slaughter. Replace Rath with OM and you’d get the same effect. With Klesse out of the game, Rath is not nearly as dangerous as he was before.

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I see what you mean. With Rath you can cc to stop his ult, Kleese’s can’t (I don’t think so). Rath should have no trouble too. Thnx I’ll use this when I play Deande aswell. :slight_smile:

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I think it’s a deployable, so Kleese just fires and forgets, and gets back to making his stations.

Great! :disappointed_relieved:

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ult combos are spectacular displays of teamwork when done. Personal favorite: Kleese black hole + Ambra stun Extinction Event. Toss in a Rath ult and it’s just ultimate overkill.

Thats just mean. You could also add in S&A and oscar mike though

Just in case people didn’t have enough reasons to hate Galilea, I went up against a team that would use Oscar mike’s Airstrike and then have Galilea use her pull and silence desecrate which literally demolishes anyone and everyone with little chance of escaping.

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Luckily she is getting nerfed

I hope they don’t over nerf her but if they don’t people will still complain about her for at least two more nerfs. If they don’t over do it on the first nerf that is :expressionless:

They are there is no question, it was confirmed in an interview. I think the nerfs were no aoe basic attack and silence only on proc

actually since every melee has an aoe basic, they need to keep that on her. The thing I think they plan on removing is the fact that she is the only character who can sprint and melee at the same time.

Oh ok thnx. I’m must of read it wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

Possibly. I’m just quoting word of mouth at this point except that the first series of “adjustments” hit her today and lowered her overall damage and shield throw damage.

Well that’s not too bad.