So I got a Diamond Key?

Diamond keys are a vault card thing right? So if I got a diamond key then I must have them. Where would I go to see the status of VC’s?

On the very right tab of the in-game menu I think. There’s 3 cards and there should be a button to swap between the cards!

Oh ok great I’ll check it out next time I’m on. Thanks

Ähm… there were two shift codes for diamond keys as well… If you don’t know where your Vault Cards are you shouldn’t be able to have one from opening VC chests…

diamond keys are also displayed on the weapons tab area where gold keys are displayed

Vault Keys: they’re unique to each Vault Card, and look a little different. To get there, go to the menu option circled in green here. There are three Vault Cards available as I type this. As shown in red, I have the last one selected here (the other two are the vault symbol for “Welcome to Pandora” and the skull with hat and wings for “Fallen Heroes”. Note that when you switch cards, you have to activate the card you want to earn XP towards (you can’t just park the menu on the card to which you navigated).

Fallen Heroes: image
Welcome to Pandora: image
Bunker Masters: image

These are not to be confused with Diamond keys (on the left below, which open the Diamond Armory under the bridge of Sanctuary III) and Golden Keys (in the center below, which open the Golden Chest, also on Sanctuary III).


Oh maybe it was a diamond armory key then