So I got a penta kill but it counted as a quad kill(EDIT: it looks like it WAS a quad)

This is the video I got my five kills it for some reason it didn’t count the alani but it counted the pendles twice. I’m not crazy right I’m pretty sure this was a penta

EDIT: the Ernest kill it seems was too far:(

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Sure looks like a penta to me, and I see the Pendles showing up twice as well. Save the match ID and put in a support ticket, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s enough game data logged for them to confirm and give you the title (and they do hand out broken titles through support, for example Coopetition)


Ok thanks for the help

Only possible issue I can think of is that maybe the Ernest kill was too far apart, but because there were so many KO booms still going off, they looked close enough. I’m never quite sure what the window of opportunity for multi-kills is.

Yeah definitely looks like one to me too!

You may have posted this elsewhere - but whats your gear loadout and helix choices - so much Orendi carnage. She was the first character I mastered, but never really went back to her, but always been meaning too…

The kills werent that far apart though I’d say there’s a good 7-8 second window

Skill damage skill cooldown and max hp gear

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The quad kill challenge update popped up before he killed Ernest. It definitely shows Pendles as the 4th kill. Ernest was the fifth kill. My guess is the Ernest kill was too far apart, though I don’t think it should’ve been. There was a decent amount of time between when the group of 4 died basically all at once and then when Ernest died. The fact that it takes time to display all 4 KOs disguises that. Still it seems really close. Nice job Orendi!

Yeah it looks like the Ernest kill was too far apart my question is why is the multikill window that small for a game with such high TTK

Yeah, I agree. Frankly if the other team has been Aced in the whole and you got all 5 kills, you should get the title for that, regardless of how long it took between kills.

I’m also not sure how consistent it is – I know I’ve gotten at least one quad kill where the gap between some of them seemed about as long as the gap before your Ernest kill.

It really seems like it should be a pentakill! You could always try sending a support ticket with this clip…
My double kill with Toby seems like a lot more time between though…

As others have said the Ernest is too far apart. What happened is your pillar storm wiped 4 players at the same time leaving only one player’s worth of a time window to snag the fifth, which unfortunately ernest didn’t die within.

If you look at the bottom left you’ll see where the KO XP pops up and it all comes in at the same time suggesting 4 died at the same time, counting the time between the KO XP feed and the fifth kill there is a least 10 seconds, which is far too long for a multi kill thread unfortunately.

Personally I feel the window is 5 seconds, give or take, as I’ve had a few surprise quads and pentas when I really wasn’t expecting them to register.

Yeah it was a quad sh******t penta strike eludes me again…