So, I got bored, and this appeared

I done gotten bored. Not gonna lie, I spent waaay to much time doing this. But anyway, here it is, my random character design.
I am quite literally posting this for the hell of it - I just feel like sticking it somewhere out there.

As Patricia Tannis would say, prepare for a great deal of text.

The Chronichler

During the great Darkening of the universe, Alcyon is found in his home in the woods of a presumed deserted, remote planet, the only inhabitant. The Battleborn were alerted when what appeared to be an immense, sustained burst of energy was detected from the supposedly abandoned planet. When the extraction team they sent, headed by Galilea, arrived in the planet’s system they were too late: the planet’s star had been sucked into the void by the Varelsi. However when they landed upon the planet’s surface, they discovered deep in the woods a simple log cabin, surrounded by the thousands of decaying corpses of the Varelsi that had attacked it. Inside, they found Alcyon, covered in wounds, and the sleeping form of what appeared to be a giant wolf, also badly injured.
The extration team were able to talk to Alcyon, and attempted to persuade him that he needed to leave the planet. Alcyon refused to leave his home, but upon realizing that the giant wolf, which he appeared to be very attached to, was dying, he agreed. His conditions were that he and the wolf, (whom he called “Veren”) received care for their injuries, and a place in the fight against the Varelsi to protect the last star. He still houses a deep hatred for Varelsi and dislikes the Jennerit, but appears to have come to terms with the Eldrid, with whom he shares his love for the woods. He is also on friendly terms with Galilea.
Alcyon’s huge sword, which he refers to only as the Shieldblade, appears to be made out of stone in a honeycomb-like structure, and upon closer analysis, appears to have a living plant growing through it which extends to form the handle. He also carries a large leather-bound book on his hip wherever he goes. He refuses to state how he came upon it.

So Alcyon is a huge melee tank, with slow attack speed but fairly high attack damage and slightly increased attack range. He basically fits in as a character who can start a team fight, and hold his own in there before the rest of his team gets around to finish them off, but is quite vulnerable to CC. Probably would be excellent in Meltdown (able to slow an entire minion wave and get a small amount of damage on the shepard before going in himself) and would be decent in Capture, even played almost like an assassin (slowing a single target on an objective and smacking them around a bit). His melee override could have a 3 second (unlisted) cooldown to prevent spamming to escape, but makes a good initiator.
Having a lot of CC in his pocket makes him difficult to escape from, however picking the helix options to develop this will make it more difficult for him to escape himself. Picking higher DPS options makes him more mobile and versatile, but his large size and average movement speed makes him heavily vulnerable to faster enemies with high attack speed. (i.e. Rath)

In a nutshell: He’s a slower, tankier El Dragon, that either turns out fast but kinda squishy, or slow with huge amounts of CC and health. Almost like Attikus in a way, but more territorial and has lower overall damage.
Best counterpick: Anything mobile and ranged with indirect AoE damage/CC, i.e. Whiskey Foxtrot, Thorn, Benedict, or anything with a stun/slow. Phoebe would annihilate him if she has the slow on Phasegate, and Ghalt with the hook/trap combo.

Tags: Brawler, Versatile, Complex

Passive: Patience
Standing completely still for 5 seconds grants bonus Health Regen (+7) for 20 seconds. Can only be triggered again after the effect has ended.

Weapon: Alcyon’s Shieldblade
Alcyon’s primary attack deals damage with slow but powerful melee combo, and his secondary attack raises the blade in front of him to block up to 1000 incoming damage with its immense size. Activating his quick melee while sprinting causes Alcyon to dash forward a short distance and swing his sword, dealing 5% bonus damage and knocking any struck enemy back a short distance.

Talent: The Half-Orc
Alcyon’s battered leather armour and huge form allows him to soak up alot of damage for his team, while his attunement with nature gives him rapid health regen, but no shield. (7 health per second at level 1)

Skill 1 (Q): Cleave
Alcyon slams the Shieldblade into the ground, dealing damage in a small cone in front of him and knocking enemies into the air. (150 damage at level 1) If Cleave is activated and hits a target directly, Alcyon will instead strike at the target, dealing 30% bonus damage, but without the area of effect and knock-up.

Skill 2 (E): Entanglement
Causes thick vines to grow at a target location, slowing anything that touches it for 2 seconds. Enemies near the centre of the radius also take damage every 0.5 seconds while they are in the area. (30 damage every 0.5 seconds at level 1, only the centre up to 50% of the total radius deals damage.) Vines dissipate after 5 seconds.

Ultimate (F): Call of the Woods
Summons Veren, Alcyon’s mountain wolf, to the battlefield for 30 seconds. Veren follows Alcyon and attacks nearby enemies with fast melee strikes. If Alcyon activates his secondary attack while next to Veren, he will mount him and ride atop him for bonus 30% movement and attack speed. Activate secondary attack again to dismount. Veren and Alcyon have seperate health pools, if either is killed, the skill will end. Camera enters 3rd person mode when riding Veren. Has a 2.5 second charging delay from
activation until Veren appears. Has an extremely long (90 second) cooldown.

Lore challenges:

Top left: “Of Stone and Wood” Kill 500 enemies with Cleave

  • Details of the Shieldblade and of Alcyon’s curious variant of natural magic.

Bottom left: “Tamer of Beasts” Play 5 matches on the same team as Galilea

  • Galilea’s written account of Alcyon’s rescue from the unnamed planet.

Middle: “A Chronichler’s Best Friend” Summon Veren 250 times

  • Voice log of Alcyon speaking to Nova about how he met and allied with Veren. Includes how Alcyon is capable of summoning Veren anywhere from his book, hinting at what else might be contained inside it.

Top right: “The Right of the Forest” Kill 500 Varelsi troops

  • Details of the Varelsi invasion of Alcyon’s home, and the battle that ensued.

Bottom right: “Old as the Mountains” Activate Patience 100 times

  • Details Alcyon’s youth in the Orc clan he was brought up in, up to his Three Years of Solitude.

Lore Gear:
(Armour Plating)

Ironwood Arm Guard
+5.5% Damage Resistance
+7% Movement Speed
Alcyon Only: Killing enemies while Patience is active extends the skills duration by 5 seconds. Killing a major enemy or player resets the timer entirely.
Alcyon’s armour plating worn on his left arm. It seems to be made of wood interwoven with some sort of natural metal ore.

Character Detail

Personality: Alcyon generally tends to be slow and thoughtful, but occasionally cheerful and humorous. However, the presence of Varelsi greatly angers him, and he tends to dislike Jennerit as well. It is clear that English is not his first language, as he will occasionally mispronounce or say things that make little sense.

Character Model:
Tall and muscular, with huge bunched shoulders. Short beard, slightly pointed ears with a chunk missing on the left side, hunched over posture. Wears battered but solid-looking leather armour on his legs and torso (like a singlet), and has what appears to be wooden plating strapped to his left forearm. Right arm is bare, with a tattoo of a vine winding up his right forearm. Has a leather scabbard to fit the Shieldblade strapped to his back, but only uses it when he sheaths his sword before mounting Veren. Scabbard has multiple nicks and scratches in it. Has an oddly blue-greyish looking skin colour, similar to Boldur but slightly darker. Has multiple visible scars including what appears to be a series of large claw marks on his right forearm.

Facial Detail:
Has long, wiry, greyish-brown hair in series of makeshift braids, tied with strips of brown leather. Has an angular, kind of long face with large, yellowy teeth and a short-ish beard, also braided. Despite this, his face looks almost kindly; if a huge, ancient tree had a face, this would be it. The edge of some kind of tattoo is visible on the top left side of his forehead, but is largely hidden under his hair. Though largely expressionless, he bares his teeth when angry, and his shoulders shake when he chuckles. He speaks a little slower than normal with a deep voice, and with a slightly harsh accent (but not the accent displayed by the other Eldrid characters), placing emphasis on “k” sounds with a guttural tone.

The Shieldblade:
The Shieldblade is huge, about up to Alcyon’s chest with the tip on the ground, and is quite wide. Going by measurements, Alcyon is about 9 feet or 270 cm tall, and the Shieldblade is roughly 6 feet, or 180 cm. The Shieldblade is around 30cm wide, and the handle is roughly 35cm long from guard to pommel. The blade itself has a dark grey stone-like texture but has a honeycomb-like structure, made up of numerous multiple hexagonal shafts that interconnect. Each shaft is only about 3cm long, but the edges and back of the sword are solid. The sword is rectangular up to about 30cm from the end at which the leading edge turns by 45 degrees to meet up with the back edge, which remains straight.

The Book of the Ages:
Alcyon carries a large leather-bound book on his right hip, spine facing upwards, with a single rune etched in silver on the dark brown leather cover. The book itself is approximately 40cm wide, 60cm long, and is 10cm thick.

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That’s actually a really good kit and story. I love the synergy with how you combine certain things. And the implications of Entanglement could be fun.
A constructive story criticism: the Battleborn were formed by Ghalt after the darkening of Penarch, the second to last star. So you’d need to sequester him somewhere on Ekkunar to make it canonically accurate.
And one thing to be careful of is Boldur overlap though. Dwarves and orcs, both old men in cabins with shields, slow attack speed, etc.

Yeah I did see the Boldur similarities coming up. I didn’t know that about Ghalt’s history (I assume it’s in his lore? I haven’t unlocked that yet) but yeah, I guess he could be somewhere remote on Ekkunar.
The way I saw him fitting around Boldur is either playing up the classic fantasy Dwarf-Orc rivalry, or switching it out and displaying them as friends. I mean, Kelvin and Miko are pretty similar too, (both being weird microorganism colonies) and they work just fine together. Thanks for the feedback though!


Yeah, Ghalt and Deande tried to kinda pull together a bit (mostly Ghalt), but couldn’t do it. That’s where the whole live together or die alone thing comes from, because he literally just watched a solar system die cuz they couldn’t work together


Now that’s interesting. Guess I’ll have to go and spend all weekend trying to master Ghalt now. Yoink.

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