So I got my hands on a thunderfire laser

As the name would imply, it is a dual element blaster, fire and shock. It shoots beams of shock and impacts with fire. It looks like it has a small AoE, but I haven’t really tested if it has extra splash. Overall, seems useful on athena because fire and shock DoTs on one weapon can be pretty cool with the whole maelstrom thing.

I got a few of the legendaries from someone in a lobby today. If you would like an idea of what they do, just ask.

that sounds fun… can you post pics of the new guns/gear?

I see it more useful with abusing a Blue Rainbow Hologram mod with 11/5 Overload rather than stacking Maelstrom per se. Incendiary and Shock bonus along with the potential to proc Overload chains 99% of the time and gain 40 stacks. I reckon you’re on to something…

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I’m kinda analog so it’ll take me a while to figure out how to get a picture on here but i’ll work on it.

In the meantime, the weapons are talked about in this video so you can see what the weapon looks like.

cool thanks bud

Holy crap. Gotta get one. Are they able to be gotten from the grinder?


The Thunderfire is amazing and took the spot of favorite laser easily. I’ve alway had a soft spot for Maliwan blasters <3

just gunna leave this here… :joy:

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Hologram with Overload and Flash Freeze to maintain the stacks that you are going to gain. Also, Quasar and Oxidizer as backup tools to align and adds more damage. Even Hades Shackles and Epicenter could be really good with this haha
But, maybe a Dragon COM with Overload and Omega-Senshu could be better because of Omega-Senshu when mobbing and you dont need to maintain your momentum.

Dragon would be a good choice too but Hologram’s Incendiary boost is better than Burn Damage from Dragon. Of course I’m only speculating here but it sounds good anyways :slight_smile:

so I had this conversation the other night… it went. " yeah its a nod to akira, its old anime " …some kid whips out google on his phone, followed by " oh wow they had anime back then , its old"…“I stood in line to buy it when it got stateside” :sob: " so youre old too ,huh"

haha awesome!

I think right now Athena is my lowest lvl character but I found a thunderfire yesterday… I may start playing her more soon lol.

i got one last night as well. this gun is fun!

This gun is way more fun on Wilhelm! He can do 3 different elemental effects with it, and follow up with a 4th that synergies!

How does Wilhelm have 3 elements with it?

Jack could get 3 elements with it to. It would be a fun weapon on him as well.

Cold War has a chance to add Cryo

Ah makes sense now. I forgot about that.

aurelia has a similar skill as well.