So I guess I jumped the gun praising/Apoligizing to GBX

Now that the excitment of the powerful new weapons and the newly Uber Iron Bear has subsided, I went back to all my old weapons and suddenly realized how badly underpowered 99% of the weapons in this game are. I didn’t realize this until I’ve played with the new DLC3 weapons I guess.

So i guess everyone was right and I was being too overly optimistic. I still give credit to GBX for fixing a some things and buffing IB and the pets, but once I finished the DLC and tired using my older weapons o realized there’s not much to the game. I’m either stuck using about 12 weapons or doing sub par damage and artificially making the game harder

Might put BL3 back on the shelf again after 2 days of going back to it.


just like how it was in borderlands 2 , theres only a certain set of weapon that is outstanding compare to others , u cant have everything all perform equally but different way.

we have much larger variety than last patch , so i guess its getting better

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Thing is we ain’t finished yet, I would never expect a gear piece to be set in stone until… I dunno, months away.

Don’t perfect/minmax and fall in love with any build or favour any weapon til the game is finished. I just go with the flow, with one class. I’ve had many loadouts and varying meta strategies all of which has changed now - I love it

Living game


Yep i decided to make a list of al the legendaeys not being legendary with user experiences. Ill keep it running n update it.

Every borderlands i could use my fav weapons regardless if there was new sicker weapons my old favorites were still good enough.

Here and now at mayhem 10. Theyre trash. But some

Some buffs worked out. So i gotta be careful just claiming its all bad. Ima.use this for feedback


I thought that mayhem 2.0 sounded good on paper but it’s an absolute mess. They need to get rid of the modifiers if any weapons are gonna hold up.

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Add an option to turn off modifiers and either buff more gear/tone down the power creep of the top-banana gear, and BL3’s endgame may finally be in a good spot once they fiddle with the loot pools and farming.

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The modifiers aren’t the problem. The health/shield/armor scaling is. It went from 8x in Mayhem 4 to 100x (originally 125x) in Mayhem 10. Bullet sponges are not fun.

Well speak for yourself, for me and majority of others (based on polls) is that the modifiers make the game a chore to play


I will agree that the health and power scaling is absurd and Mayhem 1.0’s Mayhem 4 was better in that regard.

While I agree with what you’re saying about health/shield/armor scaling being a problem, modifiers are also a problem for many of us. I hate them because they’re too intrusive on the game play. Why put more things into the game that I have to destroy? There’s already a huge problem with running out of ammo and these make it worse. I also don’t like having elemental pools on the ground that will insta-kill me if I touch them.

We need an option to turn off the modifiers. They’re not fun.

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There is an option to turn them off. Mayhem mode, off.

That’s how i’ve been playing the game lately. Best decision i’ve made in this game.

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Your next topic: I owe gbx a reverse-reverse apology


No, that’s not the same. I don’t want to turn off Mayhem mode, just the modifiers.

The health scaling is not great but I could deal with it as a “this is really really challenging”. The modifiers all are just awful and remain something I dislike. I hate that I use Rogue Life because it is the least intrusive and one of the few mods without a visual element but it takes away a core aspect of the game (FFYL) and when I do get downed…ugh.

It’s Ok to quit the game. It would seem to make a lot of your lives less stressful.

  1. Why not list the weapons so GBX has some idea? How can they buff ur favorite “underpowered” weapons if they don’t know what they are? :thinking:

  2. We don’t know what your build is…no offense, but it could be trash for all we know, and a bad build can obscure a good weapon.

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First, the list is too long and GBX has all the data they need to know. The simple reality is that take any DLC3 gun and figure a DPS for that weapon and anything else needs to move within +/- 10-15%of that output. It isn’t really a subjective thing the subjective element should be how the weapon feels and the special effects that make the difference not really DPS.

Second, no, build doesn’t matter that much. At the end game, given the fark ton of points we have been given it is almost impossible to have a badly borked build. Now, will you necessarily have the min/max YouTube dweeb approved build? No…but that also isn’t the goal now is it?


How do you know this? Unless you work at GBX, how would you know…we’re kinda testing for them, which assumes they don’t have all the answers.

It’s a central part to Borderlands, the wrong skills and the wrong anointments make a good gun “weak”, and everybody plays different…how can u say it’s “impossible” when you haven’t seen his build?

Point is, if you want it fixed, a build and a description of which guns would go a long way. It might get fixed in this thread…

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I understand your point, however, privacy died with the internet. Gearbox knows all about what is being used an what is not. One of the biggest jokes on this forum has been the mind-numbing 8% nerf to the HellWalker months and months ago…there was a reason for it from the information they gathered from gameplay (may have been from just one game-breaking situation) it didn’t just happen.

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After monitoring it…quote from patch notes :point_down:

We are still monitoring balance between Legendary gear but wanted to first address groups of weapons to increase opportunities for weapon builds.

Your replies assume they already have the answers…all I’m trying to say is, this thread could help, if they knew which guns are the problems…I’m curious myself