So I guess this is how my 40-minute arena run ends

… Yeah, great way to end my run.

Gearbox, kindly adjust the spawn zones on the Slaughterstar, would you please?

Updating with with the 2nd time I’m blocked from progressing by an enemy spawning inside a wall. Which means this has occurred to me 2 out of 3 times of playing Slaughterstar. Sigh… Losing close to an hour of progress this way is not my idea of a good gaming time.

Alright, luckily I was able to minimize the time lost due to this 2nd instance of the glitch. Downloading a trainer to enable one-shot-kills and invincibility helped me get back to the same point in the arena fight in a matter of roughly 10 minutes, at which point I deactivated the cheats and played on normally.

To anyone encountering the same issue: I’m sure we’re not allowed to cite links to cheat software on these forums, but a google search should lead you to the tool in questions rather quickly ;).