So I happend to find this bug on the voids edge

I went to play the voids edge normal mode and picked kelvin, the entire mission went smoothly but then I used sublimate just as the verelsi boss was about to teleport me to the void (or dimension, if you will) and it firstly got delayed cause of the skill somehow, and when I finally got there the entire sky of the void was blue and no enemies were spawning at all, resulting in me being stuck there with no way of getting out, I’ve got some screenshots of the blue sky in the void and that’s pretty much all I got.

Though do tell me if you have the same issiue as me :^)


Huh, that’s very interesting. Does any character transform like that? Maybe Deande if she would be in her ult, but that’s impossible if everything’s dead… well, at least it’s avoidable I suppose. Thanks for posting it. @legendoflink2288, have you experienced anything like this?

That has never happened to me but I always try to taunt when being teleported.

Hmm, there seem to be some bugs that can get you stuck in the void (The games code being unable to detect who is the player character?) but I haven’t seen this one yet - a visual bug along with getting stuck in there.

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Edit: It also works with galilea!

(The snow particles is also present when this bug happens)
So I believe this happens if you use a skill which gives you any amount of I-frames- no stuns required as far as I’m concerned, but needs to be long enough, Deande will most likely be able to do this glitch but I still need to test this, unless somebody already have.

Either way, This bug isn’t only for kelvin.

Can confirm this is possible with Deande. I’ve been stuck in the void whilst playing as her and I had to wait for my teammates who got teleported out to kindly finish the boss for me. :cry: