So i have all location trophies but not “ master of all you survey “ trophy.. this trophy is literally the last one i need to platinum the game but it bugged out on me so HELP!

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Not there yet but there’s usually some other places to find beside those from the trophies.
According to the badass checklist you should check on Athenas.

You need to discover all named locations in the universe for that trophy, not just the ones for the planetary explorer trophies. This includes Maliwan Slaughter, the Eridian Proving Grounds, and Athenas.

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My wife and I have the same bug. We have all Named Locations and even played through again on TVHM to rediscover, but the Slaughterstar 3000 was bugged on first playthrough. Now this is the only Trophy left for us and we have all Named Locations (PS4 Pro CUH-7015B and Original PS4 CUH-1115A)

same for me with slaughterstar on normal. I went and got it on TVM but trophy didn’t pop so im going back to each area again on TVM and hoping that works.

I almost have the same problem, but “reversed”. I’m missing the following trophies:

  • A Hundred Names For Sand
  • City Slicker
    But yesterday I unlocked “Master Of All You Survey” as soon as I started to play. The stats at Galaxy level do show one missing location for the 2 planet. But when I check each zone of the planet I have visited every location. I haven’t completed “Slaughterstar 3000” yet.

All I know is there was a sign near a waterfall on Eden-6 and I had too pree much stick my nose up against the sign to trigger the location name display, triggered the trophy.

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I found the problem. In fact I never visited the circle of slaughter on Pandora and Promethea.

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As stated by others I have a similar problem but kind of reversed I do have the master of all survey trophy but not eden 6 or promethea and my galaxy progress is complete but for some reason the trophies never popped.

I remember getting the Master of all survey when I first visited The Heck . (Or was it the Maliwan takedown place?) Before getting all the locations trophies.
From what I saw one(s) of the most forgotten places are the Slaughter arenas. Make sure you have all three. Don’t need to actually do anything in it.

The galaxy progress is… well… we’ll say buggy to be polite. Individual map objectives seem to be fine beside the progression %.

Another easily missed location on Eden-6 is Jason’s Waterfall in Floodmoore Bassin.

Best tool to make sure you have them all is the Loot map and completion checklist you can find here.