So I have an idea for Benedict

So I really like Benedict, he’s really cool and features a great design . The thing is he’s a little (just a little ) boring. I would rather say his skills , they’re really basic. I have a cool idea for maybe like another skill for or maybe a rework. I find Boomsday to be fine . But it just doesn’t really cut it for dmg and it’s so fast too. I was thinking we could make it more badass with an really badass ult. Some people may have heard about pharah from overwatch and she is truly known for her ult… now we don’t want to talk about overwatch on a gearbox forum :slight_smile:. Instead of boomsday Gbx could add a different ult, for him to be known really well too.
First ult idea: My first idea for an real badass ult would be him like “spinning his arm” or better say turning his rocket launcher , where he finds a switch. When he turns on the switch you hold a mega rocket in the launcher that you can and should activate from above. There you can see the area it effects and you can let go for it, for it to launch death dealing maybe 600 dmg. I could see this being really effective against minions and crowd control. While it doesn’t necessarily make him op it gets the advantage of flying and flying . Maybe Gbx could call it “Hagel Rakete” it’s German and they actually have done something similar with marquis eins zwei and however it continues.
So I wouldn’t see the name as a problem, but of course it could and should be suspected to change.

Second idea: So Benedict gets two mini rocket launchers out-of his rocket launcher. That would cause an timed ult, maybe it could last 6 sec. With the two extra mini rocket launchers coming somehow out of the side he would shoot three rockets instead of one . This would triple the damage output if all three rockets hit the minion or enemy. Or maybe it could even fore a row of rockets, that makes him really effective against minions . Now this would be badass, 3 rocket launchers in one. I would love to hear something from Gbx themselves and the excellent community about this idea. I’d really love to see something like this . But of course it would take some work to maybe re-doing his rocket launcher and some effort, so I don’t want to stress out anybody who developed the game it would be just optional. I hope I didn’t waste your time and make sure to comment about this.

Ps: Gbx please make an American eagle skin for him. :stuck_out_tongue:


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Nice, what do you think of my ult idea? Ouhhhhh that beauutiiifuulll skin I need more of these legendary skins.

Not much, to be honest. But i’m fine with Benedict’s ult already, so that’s probably why, hah.
Plus, the way i play him is everything but boring.

Ok, cool I’m guessing you’re maining him :wink:

Heh, yeah, totally.

There is one, and it is choice!

Wait, what, what choice? And yes I have found out that there is an American eagle skin.

Aww, I actually love the way Benedict plays. The synergy his kit provides is awesome and I love the focus around his “auto attacks”, because who wouldn’t wanna focus on the rocket launcher? The ult may be a bit out of place at times but honestly, considering how easy it is to land, I think the damage is actually stupid high. It even has a decent AoE to boot :stuck_out_tongue:

Pharah is actually the character I am most excited for in Overwatch, but to me her ult is flashy, but not iconic. It’s pretty situational in use and she absolutely shreds with her rocket launcher from above. I actually kind of favoured Benedict with regards to how (and how well) the two fly, and Pharah doesn’t even get the awesome Hawkeye rocket synergy.

That said, I do like your first ult idea. It’s less unique than his current ult, because it’s basically just a bigger rocket rather than some unescapable doom rocket (if the Benedict player can drive it properly), but it sounds like it’d fit his kit a lot more. Could probably keep gliding while aiming that. Sounds fun to play with.

No, I meant “choice” as in “of high quality.” As in 90’s slang.

Yeah I know it does have aoe bit I meant that it sometimes flew too fast. And yeah that’s what I was trying to say in his first ult idea. With that ult you’d actually have to make use of him flying which makes sense. And thank you for the feedback (:blush:

And actually if you watch overwatch youtubers, they all call pharas ult “justice rains from above” which makes it really iconic. To me and a lot of other people at least. And you should really watch mr fruits pharah gameplay, he dominates at the last match with killing pretty much everyone.

I think its intended that his ultimate is not that strong as others, he has his strength in his main weapon and mobility,
if you add too “cool” skills he would become overpowered.
Also the first idea sounds exactly like Caldarius ulti without the final dash and the second like a copy of Gahlt.

Well his ult is already quitue powerful. It wouldn’t make him op because it wouldn’t be that effective against players, but it still would be good enough and dmging enough for an ult. Also 600 dmg isn’t that much considering most ults do 600-750. Second I didn’t mean that he would get another rocket launcher, I meant that he would gain like two mini launcher out of his rocket launcher. It wouldn’t be the same as ghalts it wouldn’t make him op either, considering his rockets don’t do that much dmg anyway. Still thx for the feedback.

Just to give some info: Benedict’s Rockets does 190 damage at Level 1, and 240 at Level 10. They hit really hard.

Ok maybe I underestimated him there :sweat_smile:

I mean, I don have any early access so I can’t say anything off of experience but just from watching videos, I think it would be cool if (and maybe you can) autofire boomsday like a normal rocket without guiding it, allowing it to fly faster at the expense of any sort of guidance. That’s something you could do in ratchet and clank I think as well, not sure. Either way, very interesting ideas though I think overall benedict is decent where he is from what I’ve seen. I think you just have to start your barrage with your ult and then start flying instead of the other way around (like most would probably prefer.

Thank you for your feedback and yes I was hoping to do like an auto rocket fire ult for my second idea. But with boomsday or not he’s still super fun and quite good

I agree, and I think ideas like this are what’s going to (partially) fuel gearbox’s new characters. If we give ideas for the ones they have, they can adapt the game and the new characters that aren’t already played and enjoyed by many to what we want. I can’t wait to start playing honestly because it’s just so beautiful compared to some more toxic communities looks at destiny | turns to look at LoL, and shakes head benedict is high on my character list for sure, can’t wait to play him!

Thanks. your feedback and I agree that this is a really good way to improve the game. Ideas like these hopefully get a read from the developers but there’s no clue if an developer actually read this. BTW which ult do you think would be more badass? :wink: