So I have played the open beta on ps4 and still haven 't gotten what I was promised!

I participated in the ps4 beta and was limited a hero unlock key and the first dlc for free. So far I don’t have any hero unlock keys, nor is it telling me I do. Is there anyway I can check? I’ve already searched through the whole menu. I really want to unlock alani on release but so far , I haven’t gotten what I was promised.

My PSN: hir365

I’d really like to know why? Has anybody else have the same problem? I even took screen shots to shoe I have played the beta.

please read the weekly battleplan.

It is stated that on may 24th people who participated in the ps4 beta will get a unlock key for a charakter. Those keys are also reusable meaning once you used one and you reach one of the unlock requirements for a charakter other than the dlc characters you will get the key back and you can use it again.

It takes seconds to find this information, it is even advertised everytime you boot up the game

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I dont think you get the first dlc first just the first character unlocked stright away.

Oh ok, thank you! I probably misread the article, because I thought you would’ve already had a key before the 24th

the wording is, like the last time, strange i agree

I thought that alani would release with the game on may 3rd but
they just write these announcements in a confusing way

the implementation of these keys probably requires a software update unlike small balancing hotfixes
Thats probably why we get the keys with the first content drop/update

You do get the first dlc and one key to use towards anyone by playing the ps4 beta. Key will be given on the 24th. No date on first dlc

They get the first dlc. The key is part of the DLC.