So.. I just found out that Kleese can hover

Why haven’t i seen anything about this on the forum? WHO DO I BLAME FOR NOT TELLING ME!?!

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Your parents? Your teachers at school? Your friends?


All of them and THEN some! A better question is: Who’s kneecaps do i exact my vengeance on?

Seriously though, HOW many people here knew this? I’ve never seen nor heard of it…

I knew it was a thing because I watched the Let’s Play with Stealth Shampoo and DB when it first came out on the Battleborn YouTube channel.

I don’t watch OTHER people play! I guess i’m just surprised that there is ZERO mention of it in Kleese’s description. It’s KIND of a game changer…

WTF Gearbox?!

It indeed IS a game changer! Now you will try to hover in a Meltdown/Incursion map and think it’s going to help you! Instead you will get stuck on minions, die, throw your controller at Kleese’s old ugly face and yell "I’M NEVER DOING THIS AGAIN!"
Quite the change.


How can i get stuck on minions 10+ feet in the air? It sounds like you have minimal knowledge of this ability as well…

How? Oh, you’ll find out buddy… You’ll find out.


I doubt it. This whole time, i never knew he could backdoor on Overgrowth and Monuments. I never saw an enemy or friendly Kleese do this either. I mean, i still don’t like Kleese as a character, but it would have nice to know.

your english teacher


Yeah, i knew he could double jump; but hover for nearly as long as Benedict? Never would have thought that with that description. How come i never see anyone doing this?

Two words: Skeet Shooting.

'nuff said.

the fact that you have little control over direction after you start hovering lowers its usefulness tremendously

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Fair enough,even Benedict users (myself included) have to account for this; i’m just AMAZED that i’ve never seen a Kleese in PVE do this, when it would be faster than going for jump pads. I want to draw attention to it.

Seems okay to me, though i’m admittedly not trying to hover circles around people.

Yeah, admittedly it would be a pretty useful tool for PvE, especially in The Archive or The Sentinel.

Or The Experiment or Heliophage for faster traveling, but i’ve never even seen a MASTER OF KLEESE do it. Mind blown.

Same here. Seems rather odd.

I use it on Sabateur. Two places in particular. At the very first defend point you can reach some warp anchors that are only available to mobile characters can get to. destroy those and you can get all your gear plus extra Exp early on. Second place would be in the area just before the last defend point. You need to use a shard pad to activate the bridge and go forward but Kleese can just hover across and set up an entire energy rift network before the fight. Oddly enough there is an invisible wall there until you activate the bridge.


Hehe, trust me on this, it’s not because they don’t know, it’s because they know better :wink: Have fun with it though, now that he has 964million health you can probably get away with an accidental float, those used to get you killed back when he had 7 health.