So.. I just found out that Kleese can hover

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I’ve already just used it to backdoor on Overgrowth, and float all the way from cliff to cliff in the thrall camp; while i can definitely see the potential for one to be “skeet shot”, i also see enough potential for it to be used more, ESPECIALLY with Kleese’s health buff. There’s also minimal risk on Monuments for backdooring, so i do honestly believe that few Kleese users know about this. If I can do it effectively, i KNOW more experienced Kleese users (and i’m FAR from good) can. EASILY.


“Nearly as long as Benedict”? Cmon now, let’s not exaggerate too much

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“Nearly” is speculative enough! …alright, i won’t exaggerate…

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Kleese’s hover is widely known, everyone else who’s commented here knows about it and most people you talk to will know about it, I’m surprised there’s someone who didn’t know honestly. It’s not unused because it’s a little known secret but because it’s ineffective, has limited control, leaves you vulnerable while you’re airborne (due to having no directional control) and consumes chair energy.

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Yep. There’s no need to float when you can tase what’s killing you. Bzzzzzzzz

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Okay, okay, i’ll give on the PVP aspect; but why is this not utilized in PVE more? I’ve seen numerous high CR Kleeses with his lvl. 15 taunt go down to ronins and evolved thralls that surrounded them, when they could fly away essentially. I’ve seen them go way out of thier way to get to the jump pads on both The Experiment and Heliophage, when a quick hover would require less time and effort. Why, dammit, WHY?!

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…There are areas I use it a lot in advanced PvE, Helio and Sabo.
When you have crowds of pests all around you drop rifts and hover, use your taser.

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You guys are crazy. I’m going to fly EVERYWHERE, because nothing is more badass than a flying chair; Literally nothing. It puts every other bit of so-called “advanced” technology in Battleborn to shame. Just put in a jumbo cup-holder, a built-in MP3 player that only plays Flight of the Valkyries, and include a floating ottoman as well, and there would be no Varelsi war. Everyone would be having to much fun tearing ass across Solus in luxury and style, INCLUDING the Varelsi.

A mod can close this thread; i realize now that i should have titled it: “Why am I the only one that appreciates airborne furniture?”.

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There’s a reason its called the hover of death.

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It’s useful on Saboteur when one of the red chests spawns on an isolated platform that can only be reached by certain characters: hitting the “jump” button/key at the right times will gradually raise you into the air. Also useful if you accidentally go off a cliff. However, it consumes chair energy, so if there are enemies where you land…

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It’s helpful for running away and jumping onto a ledge. Other than that, its a pain in the ass when you go to jump but your collision messes up and you hover in place for 2 senconds right infront of the enemy . . . I think its more of a liability than it is a helpful ability and I main the cantankerous old coot

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confirmed. just don’t do it.

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Yeah, if the skeet was a slowly drifting cloud rather than a fast moving projectile.

The term we should be using is “turkey shot”

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Can turkeys even fly; or do they go by chicken rules?

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Oh, i’m doing it. Perhaps you haven’t heard of my new “hashtag” movement, #NeverWalkAgain?

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Nope, and neither can Kleese. Hence the comparison.

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Ah… i did nazi that coming.

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They can. Wild turkes and pet turkey (which are not overfed) can fly very well. We had pet turkeys running along with our chickens -we had to cut their feathers regulary, since they often chilled on our rooftop and trees before.

Turkeys bred and fed for consumption are often to fat or sick to fly, but a healthy turkey can do as eagles do^^

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HAHHAHAHAHAHAH. It could be useful for something. It just never seems to work the way it should. “going up” is no way to escape the fight lol. I’m an aggressive kleese person so I’m all about shock taser and it’s awesome glory. It just seems to make more sense to use the energy for that. On the other hand, it would be nice if rifts recharged chair energy…