So I just thought, what if Orendi had a swordsman brother?

No backstory or skills or anything like that, just having fun with the Rogues, obviously not finished but thought I’d share what I’ve designed so far


Dope, we need a two-handed character.

As in, a character with a weapon they need to hold with two hands. Not somebody with just two hands. We have enough of those.


This is awesome! not to nit pick but i would add the dark splotches of skin somewhere a mask made out of it would be kinda cool and idk why but a tail would suit him XD like imagine him holding the sword with his tail for taunts and such lol

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Sorry for the lack of updates, just been trying to figure out how to go about painting him. I was thinking maybe he could be a tank, kinda like Galilea, but his attack speed would be slower.


That would fit pretty well seeing as how orendi is about being fast and slippery. Did you have any ability ideas?

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Nice work! Really solid design. Gearbox might be looking for artists :wink:

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Not really, just been messing around with painting mostly. I was thinking his secondary attack could be a guard position with his sword, like how Gali and Boldur do with their shields. Haven’t put a lot of thought on abilities yet

Thanks, I appreciate it!

This is awsome, what lore could we give him? Maybe the sword itself is another varimorph since it has an eye, they are known to shapeshift.



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Maybe Orendi DID have a brother just like that… That is, until Marquis killed her ENTIRE FAMILY. Just one more reason why i hate him.

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I’d rather have this guy over Pendles.

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I have to stop, my eyes are hurting lol, I’m hoping to finish this soon cuz I’ve already started some designs for the LLC, Eldrid and The Jennerit factions. Thanks for all the appreciation and support , Enjoy!!


Still working on him in between my other projects, working on this character has been really fun!

Finished for the most part, was thinking of making an action/ expression sheet but maybe some other time

I have no lore or even a name lol, all I thought was 2 handed swordsman/tank, really it was done just for the love of this game and the team’s great design philosophies

I have a couple more sketches of the other factions done, prolly put in work on those next, thanks again for letting me share this with y’all!


Also wanted to add that I really loved Orendi’s pseudo dark fantasy look, and wanted to play around with something along those lines starting with the hat haha, Bloodborne was also part of my pool of inspiration for this character. The next Rogue character I design should fall more in line with that funkier look that the faction is known for. Heads up it’s gonna be a support, play on those turn of the century doctors with the mask and a butcher, I think that combo would work well with the Rogues.