So I just wasted $ 10

I have just finished trying to download this freaking mess 12 times today and tried everything in the book to make it work but I doesn’t.

I deleted the prior compatibility pack, like with what happened in BL2.
I deleted the game from my hard drive as well all other dlc and redownloaded those 12 freaking times!

Can I please get an update or something to help me actually play this, I can see Deck 13 1/2 staring at me for over 24 hours and yet I can even play the darn thing.

Or at least a refund

Dude I had the same problem but I got mine to finally work.

Any tips on how to get it to work for me?

Try deleting the part 2 part, clear cache. Restart game do title update then go download the part 2 from in game downloads. Take note on what each pack says there as well. DL part 2 and try fast traveling to DLC area.(don’t goto title screen though).

I had almost the opposite issue, it said part 1 wasn’t downloaded for me in the in game shop. I fixed this by deleting both parts, clearing cache (going into menu hovering memory and pressing y), and downloading in order again. worked out. I did everything out of the ingame shop if that helps.

It’s not telling me then anything isn’t downloaded, that isn’t the issue.
It’s that whenever I try to actually go into the dlc it prompts me to redownload it
He store says that it’s purchased so I don’t even know

Did you submit a support ticket. They do tend to reply within a day. Also, in the meantime you can continue debugging it/trying to get it to work.

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I don’t even know what that is

Hi @frostieisme! So sorry I’m just seeing this. Yes, please submit a support request via the link below and our awesome team will get you sorted. Sorry for the hiccups!

Nits and minor defects seen on ps4

I think he meant to send you this:

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I did indeed! Thanks @Matrixneo42!

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I have no idea what happened but it works now. Deleting thread in 5 minutes