So, I kinda' built my own Deathtrap in Fallout 4


Assaultron Head Laser
–Adds The Stare and can have a couple awesome skull armors put on it.

Sentry Bot
–Big, blocky, and perfect for DT’s torso. Also sports a horizontal “Robot Rampage” spin attack in melee that’s just perfect.

Left Arm:
Sentry Bot
–The main arm, largest available arm model, especially with certain armors on it. There’s a slight shortage of massive claw-hands, but if the Construction Claw doesn’t do it for you, there are drills and firey swords, as well.

Right Arm:
–Still big, but slightly smaller than the left arm, and supports a nice zappy hand to convey the shock aspects if desired.

Mr. Handy Thruster
–Perfect for the floating torso look, and some armors can visually suggest the old vertebrae look.

Configure accessories and armor as you desire to match your favorite DT look. This one’s a melee / lightning focus. Requires the Automatron DLC, of course.
There’s an Assaultron back armor I wish I could use on the Sentry Bot body that would be perfect for his long back spines, but sadly I’d have to give it a much slimmer frame to get it, and that just wouldn’t do. So, I just went with the spikiest back I could get away with. Maybe if mods manage to unlock it, I can make the adjustment.

Did my best at a Gaige outfit, as well. Couldn’t find a place to change the character’s face, but could at least get close to the haircut, and my character wasn’t too far-off, already. Lunchbox on the workbench in the back. d:
Gaige outfit uses the Ratty Skirt vanilla outfit, and the backpack and optional hood from The Rebel armor mod. The blue tartan scarf is also a mod, though I’m not sure exactly where it came from.

Add in some Pulse Grenades and Pulse Mines, tweak the Tesla Cannon to be a Chain-lightning Shotgun, run some wires through the Buzzaxe (Mr. Handy Buzzsaw Arm melee weapon,) and get to looting!


this is what fallout is for, this is so cool well done

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Now that’s awesome.

I’ve never played Fallout 4, but you’re probably looking at placing well in the science fair.

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Only if you’re satisfied with 3rd place :stuck_out_tongue:

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If you can find one, a legendary two shot combat shotgun will really give you that 400 stacks of anarchy feeling. Might be a worthy addition to the ‘gaige’ arsenal.

This is what I did wrong, I went with a smaller torso to make sure his mobility wasn’t hampered in any way.
Maybe it doesn’t matter with the Mr Handy thruster?

I gave mine the Assaultron head, of course, but held off on the Gorgon helm. Mind you, if you run melee you might have something akin to With Claws, which gives DT a seriously evil look, making it very appropriate.

I’ll rebuild my DT more along your specs, he looks cooler than mine.

Nice job :acmaffirmative: !