So I kinda lowkey ship these two

Drew this last week if I’m recalling correctly, and I forgot to share it here OTL


I kind of shipped them since the “So Happy Together” trailer.

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Moze x Gaige tbh… :hot_face: :hot_face: :hot_face:

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Have they had any kind of interaction in the story? I didn’t notice any VHs interacting

Ever hear of the fanfic Ultraviolet? Really good fanfic, and the writer is amazing with how she handles these two and their characters. I recommend it to you if you ever wanna read areally good story about a growing romance between them. A lot of character depth, a lot of sex, and a lot of development, though the last one is a bit of a slow grind. Check it out if you want, you’ll love it. I could even send you the link if you want.