So I kinda want to talk about Nova

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So I was reading some of the lore there is for the characters and I kinda stumbled upon something well it was kinda there from the beginning, So Nova itself is Ghalt’s ship ( I guess I can see why they never thought to have her as a character ) So what if and this is just me hoping or having a fun idea, GBX makes her Ult so that she can shoot laser cannons from the ship like an AC-130? (only really old CoD players will get it).

Maybe not like the AC-130, maybe just like, you activated your ult, a targeting system appears that shows all enemies outlined in the color you choose that defines enemies for you and you can shoot up to three laser cannons at a time, all having a big radius and big damage that can’t go through infrastructures (unless it gets a helix choice to do so)while also having a medium duration so you can plan out your shots but if you take too long the ult ends and having her giggle everytime time she kills someone and that being also part of the ult callout so everyone can hear the giggles of death and despair as you know you’ll probably be next if you don take shelter, and maybe the other helix for it would be to reveal the positions of enemy battleborn to you teammates.

though I can’t think of her other stuff so let’s think what would her other abilities be and im sorry but i feel like this is the ult for her really so let’s brainstorm on what her Passive, Weapon, Talent and Skills would be, maybe even come up with a helix tree too.

Also I can’t be the only one that kinda imagines Nova robot suit to be something similar to Medusa’s (from Smite) Idusa skin am I?

You know without the Terminator face…

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I’d love if they had her fire cannons like a specter gunship(not a cod player and I caught that reference)!

I’d be excited!

(Velocitas est Vita) #3

Hey, I’d be down. Although I still think her theme song needs to come into play. =D

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(alekie1990) #4

I do like nova i really do she awsome and funny at times

But i fear that people want her in a robot suit will not be what they expect and instantly cause players to not like her design

I for one do not want to see her in a big robot suit … If anythink i want her to be in a cyborg synthetic

I do like the picture minus the terminator face

Should have her as a brawler tbh with electric and draining attacks which refills her shield and health .,… But i fear they will turn her abit like jack dopplerganger

(Gt: YaCantDutchThis) #5

Nope. Dragon Nova.