So I like ISIC A LOT

Whats the best advice to get better with him in PVP strictly? Currently I stay back and play from far away. It seems like when I get out of position its GG with him as he is somewhat squishy imho. Any advice would be greatly appreciated on using him to his full potential.

The way he currently works, just think of him as a very survivable ranged character… so, basically, the way you’re playing him.

You can take on sustained fire for a little while, but wait too long and you’ll need to escape. Basically, if your shields/wards/and off-hand shield are down, you should already be on your way out of the fight.

Oh, and (like with most LLC) he has a low health pool/high shield pool… So, Kleese, can help you more than any other support (Reyna’s nice too though)

I love Isic too.
I focus on picking off minions to level up quickly to level 5, picking up stronger shields and projectile reflection along the way. Once you’re 5, charge up and activate wards then charge up and activate your ult and just push as hard as you possibly can. Once your 5, as long as you keep decent distance you can keep the entire team back in incursion. Or you can backdoor the first sentry and pop away at it. you can usually get its shields down by yourself before anyone even notices.

Don’t forget your charge shot has AOE for minion waves! Also, don’t forget he has a shield with RMB which is useful for not only blocking melee but also ranged. And it is quite strong!

Another thing: If you have good team coordination, get the stun with Plasma Dash. It is actually hardish to evade in small corridors, which Incursion and Meltdown have plenty of.

How did I forget to mention his charge skills. As you shoot, your weapon becomes charged. With this charge you can either
1 - release the trigger for a charged AOE shot
2 - while keeping the trigger down, select a skill and when that skill activates it becomes much more powerful. Dash does extra damage, wards take extra damage and when your ult activates you will get an oversshield.