So I have been noticing alost of inconsistencies. Everyone saying they are getting Legendary drops like crazy and yes I cant seem to get a damn thing but blues and greens to drop. I get a few epics but no Legendary. Now a funny thing just happened I finished the GUNS OF RELLIANCE and got 2 Legendary out of the chest. Almost looked the same one being 318 and the other a 328. Funny thing is as soon as i grabbed another mission from a poster I think it was it stole one of the Legendarys I had equipped. WTF IS GOING ON…The other thing i have been getting is alot of NPCs getting stuck in boxes and I have had to restart the mission to reset them , also guns in my inv looking like the grenade and shield icons,

I really want to know why all these other people are getting tons of Legendarys dropping and I have seen maybe 4 total , and then all of a sudden the game seen to be taking them back,
Its very disheartening when u finally get one and it disappears. And i have no way to prove it now either, This it total BS.