So... I pre order the game. Now I need a PC

It’s been two glorious years since a windows machine has booted in my home. I never thought I would need one again. But I also never thought I’d see the return of HW.

I have no idea what to buy. This machine will serve 1 purpose and 1 purpose only. If I could boot straight to HW, I would. What do I need?

I’d prefer not to build and I’m not spending multiple k on this thing. I’m guessing it’s asking a lot from a wintel machine, but is there a sub 1k option out there that I can just buy and plug in? I see bestbuy carries these little mini Alienware desktops starting around 699.00. Will they play this, and would they be a good option for someone who values their time more than their money?

If you wanna something that can handle the game i suggest going for the reccommended:
OS: Windows 7
Processor: 2.3 GHz Quad Core Processor
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 / ATI Radeon HD 5850 (1GB VRAM)
Hard Drive: 20 GB available space

I was able to buy a Core i5 system with 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD, and a GTX 750ti for right on 600.00 by grabbing a pre built system off, and buying a video card for it from

Which is a pretty cheap system

If you’ve got a mac boot camp it.

Saves you buying a whole new computer, and Mac’s have beautiful screens on them, so Homeworld would look fantastic.

While I myself use a PC, my father swapped over to Mac a few years back, and he would boot camp windows games all the time, so as long as your Mac’s specs are semi decent you shouldn’t have a problem.

I remember minimum system requirements equating to plays like garbage. Has that changed in the recent years?

My MBP is an older core due, not looking to replace it.

Those are probably mid-rangeish specs nowadays, game should be playable. We won’t know for sure how it’ll run until the game comes out.

Rata (hail guru) systems can be built to your spec by certain companies and not cost you the usual arm and a leg just search out one in your general area.

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How about one of these?

This is the same model Alienware developed for Steam, but available now with windows loaded

o7 Crowley

Here’s the rig I just ordered. Its honestly pretty cheap considering the punch it has.

All you really need is newegg, a VISA card, and the knowledge of what you want… coupled with the intestinal fortitude to face your significant other when the bill comes due.

For the more sane, or whipped, there are one-man IT companies in most towns; and they can be a good source of warrantied, made-to-order gaming comps. Most of them love making gaming rigs, and will spend extra time finding the best bang for the buck in your budget range.

Same guy for 12 years here, since I stopped building my own. Every two or three years I say 800 and we end up spending a grand. Made it under 700 this time though. :smile:

Never go by minimum gaming specs. I try for just under a year-old components. Cheaper, but still smokin’ hot compared to what you are used to.

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It’s not just HW, it’s all the other games you’ll be wanting to play.
I hated to do it at the time, but I bought a “gaming laptop” from Amazon (actually an Asus NJ550) . Win 8.1, I7, 16 gig ram, 256 gig SSD, NVidia GTX 850 card (2 meg)… oh, and a touch screen… for $1200. I know, that sounds like a lot, but there isn’t much I can’t run. No compromises here.

My last computer was a MBPro with Retina display, but this one easily equals that.

My advice is get the most computer you can afford. It will last longer, work better, and perform better. Don’t “make do” with the minimum you can get away with for one game. 6 months or a year from now you’ll be glad you did.

Thanks Oh Wise One. I came to the inevitable conclusion this weekend while spending a few hours in IRC that I was going to have to build. I don’t want to. But I must. I guess it’s suiting given I spent as much time tinkering with my rig back then to play this game as I did actually playing the game that I experience that piece of it again as well. All the memories.

Btw, love to see one of y’all still have the Fester logo handy. I though for sure alzheimer’s would’ve lost that little gem.

You’re right I guess. I thought I’d forever excused myself from the PC master race. Consoles are my escape these days. Takem out of the box, plugem in, play games. In my mind this thing will be a homeworld box used only to play homeworld, and any time spent on it doing anything that wasn’t playing homeworld would be a waist of time. The box will only communicate to steam or whatever ports to IP/hostname is required and Hardware firewalled off from anything else on the net. Hell, I’ll probable vlan it to its own segment on my internal network.

While I have never gone the console route, my PC is a game-only rig as well rata. You would be amazed how many abandonware and ancient games fit on a modern PC. :wink: It may seem silly to have a multi-core rig to play Railroad Tycoon, but there are times when it comes in handy.

Building your own comp nowadays is more a matter of having another rig right there connected to google, as well as having all the parts in front of you and an anti-static bracelet on. It is no longer plug-n-pray, but google-n-read.

I have had more trouble with Monogram snap-together battleship models than assembling a comp.

Would still rather let my IT guy do it and then warranty it for the extra labor costs. I get the same joy of picking out all the parts, but none of the hassle of shorting them out when I walk on the rug in my socks.

Sigh. I … Am… An IT guy. Just one who’s been doing it for 15+ years now and has not had to build or troubleshoot a PC in at least 5 of those years. My house is pure OS X now. I don’t even have any barebones Linux distros roaming around any more, just VMs. But I don’t have the cash this year to dump into the Mac Pro that I’ve slated to replace my current MBP. The reality is I’m trying to get off as cheap as possible to play this game now.

I shall build. I love you Homeworld.

Heck to be honest, Homeworld was got me into IT in the first place! That and when I found out you could get nuddy pictures on them. So in a way, I owe greeguy and relic for my whole professional career.

Ok here we go.


Question though. Will this run on the Win10 tech release? I can save myself 100 ru by not buying a windows license :stuck_out_tongue:

More power supply for sure. 32 gig of RAM not 8. 250 gig minimum solid state hard drive, unless you just want Windows, HW, and no screenshots or recordings or videos. A terabyte is better. Triple teras in RAID is best(dream of lottery wins). The CPU is just fine. The Mobo is where I spend bucks, so it can stay in the case longest while other components are switched out. I like self-regulating ones that can be overclocked from a GUI. They won’t let you screw yourself.

Fans, fans and moar fans. Dip it in liquid nitrogen if you can. Your case’s airflow will make a large stability difference. get a case with internal clips and runs for all cabling so no snarls to get in the way of the air.

Come over to the Dark Side… take the plunge and go for SLI dual video cards. :smile: Build your HW3 rig now and you won’t have to upgrade.

Go back to the blackboard and try again. lol If your wife doesn’t cringe or scream, then you are not doing it right.

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