So i seen the light on the PS4 version . It all about kicking players once at a boss. since there system so hard report

Gearbox can fixed the boot to kick, since on ps4 now seem to be the new thing if boss close to dieing , You kicked them for the loot drop.Rolls eyes but getting bad now.

On the xbox people could do it, but with xbox live system if a person went crazy on that junk they get 3 day to 7 days banneds on xbox live , from all games. PS4 has no fast and simple system to report.

Need a normal boot to kicked vote system now. 3 members on 4 members vote for it cool, 2 memembers out of 3 members cool, 2 memebers leader choice. . and or just give everyone all weapons,gear, levels and stuff done. or some good solo stuff.

Yeah, I gave up for a week or so because of that. Will try tonight, hopefully its better.

Find people to play with on this forum. I haven’t had a problem …so far :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


My motto for playing with randoms: assume every other person is a ■■■■.

Usually works. But yeah, I just play online with friends or run solo.