So I tried to come back

I recently felt like getting back into battleborn, After a few matches I quickly remembered all the things that made me leave.

Enormous characters that block the entire lane on both sides with no clear way for other characters to get around them… yes you can occasionally and yes there is a single vantage point on some maps but it is still REALLY ANNOYING

Extremely tiny characters that fly around the map. Some characters are so small like Thorn, making any larger character at an extreme disadvantage… even with a little extra health being a target the size of Jupiter shooting at Earths moon is just annoying.

Alright, enough about how much size matters.
Lets talk about my real gripe… the one that even outweighs character balance and how that has always been a hot issue.

Every single map has this problem.
Terrain traversal.
Trying to get from point a to point b.
It is a pain in the ass… even more so when you are a larger character.
There are too many places for you to get stuck on something especially when it LOOKS like you can jump over something, but it is actually more like a solid wall.

That and the way the map deals with pushing and pushing up to your base passed minion waves in any mode, it just seems like it is far too easy to circumvent all the higher tier turrets and chase people all the way back to the spawn… that has always been an issue and no one seems to really gripe about it… Overall this is my main problem with the game, getting around on the maps… sucks period. Always has.

Even after the walls they put up and moved around to stop snipers from exploiting the stairs and so on to shoot people without being seen at all or a tiny pixel of their head showing super small characters with even smaller heads It just still feels like the levels just need some love more than anything.

I tried coming back but found it infinitely frustrating even when winning to the point of uninstalling it once more.

If you really want people to play, give everyone a fighting chance, everyone should have some damage on them enough to punish someone chasing and everyone should be able to get around the dang map without getting stuck or having trouble attacking and retreating.

I will probably get nothing but hateful replies to this without any real constructive feedback.
But I really did get into this when it first came out… I found that it wore on me though and became difficult to get back into… its just my experience… and maybe this is what a lot of other people are running into out there that keeps them from coming back.


Are we talking about actual player characters or AI mobs like fat minions or Thralls? If the former, there is no longer any friendly bodyblocking from player characters - you can freely walk through them, shoot through them, whatever. Not sure how you didn’t notice that, which leads me to believe you’re talking about the latter. I’d probably agree that it needs to be changed, friendly units that required effort and resources to acquire for your side should not wind up being death traps or hindrances to your team’s damage output. At present, sometimes they can be.

As far as terrain traversal is concerned, you’ve got a fresher perspective than I so I’ll mostly take your word for it, I’ve been playing this game so much that I know the trouble spots by heart and can navigate them with no issues. I will agree that there are still some extremely silly issues that still persist, like - some of the larger characters being able to get stuck on the spawn doors momentarily at the beginning of a match.

Breaking Character…

Hateful Replies - I will not give you a hateful reply. I will simply say that what is game breaking for you is not game breaking for me, but I can certainly see your frustration if this is what bothers you. Everyone has their own personal pet peeves, preferences, and hang ups, and the line is different for all.

I will now provide a brief commentary on your points.

Enormous Characters - If they’re on your team you can walk/shoot right through them. If not, they’re doing their job for the enemy team keeping you from advancing. Exception is friendly bots and thralls, which do still block you. (The blocking was never something that bothered me too much, though)

Tiny Characters - I think this is a standard of most character based shooters. Small, mobile characters with low health. Think Scout in TF2 for example. They can be annoying, but they are a staple of many games and reflect a popular play style. I personally don’t mind them and even play them for fun.

Terrain Traversal - Yes. This is still an issue. Especially for Montana.

Chasing Back to Spawn - This happens in every PVP mode but Incursion if you are being stomped by the enemy team. Being stomped by high powered enemy teams does happen. A lot. At least to me. But I solo queue on PC and constantly wind up against the same hardcore premades. I don’t think this is a problem with the map as much as it is with not being able to play with people of the same skill level. That’s just my take on it anyway.