So I was killing ISAC until

The server disconnected and didnt save any progress on the mission or my character, wtf man.

Beta. Just try again. They are instanced games. 30mins per game, less if you sprint.

lol man I beat Isaac all on my own and as the game was ending and telling me what I had achieved it booted me and I lost every thing lol yet it says I beat in the list next to wheat you edit your load outs and yet if you go into past mission it has no record
Right now I’m having a love hate with this game and I just wish I could play it more to figure out if I wanna blow 75 bucks on it
But Xbox1 battle born servers are down or something because all day I could not get matched up for pvp or pve and now the game tells me I don’t have Internet connection but yet I’m playing other games fine and network test shows I do

This is pretty good clickbait did you learn from youtube?