So, if I ordered my copy from another site... is preload not available?

I redeemed it on epic store but I cant even see the game anywhere :s

If you got the cdkey and activated, you should be able to. Check your library and if its not there, restart the client.

haha nup I wish, there isnt even any sign of the game on the store :confused: apart from when I go to the borderlands 3 page and it says unavailable on purchase.

Unavailable? What region or location are you at? If its saying unavailable it makes me think that might be the cause of the issue.

Sorry I meant like for purchase, only happened after I redeemed the code. No sign of preload though, cant see it in my library either.

Downloading… :wink:
Purchased on
I got an Email w/ a Code of Epic Games
Downloaded Epic Launcher
Input the code
And Now Downloading… Left work early as soon as I got the email :slight_smile:

Doesnt really provide any helpful input but cool :grinning:


I guess they made it so you cant preload if you bought of a third party

Well i hope u get to play :frowning:

Didn’t you get a region lock key perhaps ?

nah, its confirmed now that its fanaticals fault. They gave the wrong key out, it was just the dlc not the game.

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i also ordered at fanatical but still dont got a key. did they send you a real borderlands 3 key now??

okay got my key just now preload started

Ive got key, redeemed fine but no show in library. Im sooo suprised that this was going to be all messed up.