So I'm addicted to short fuze now

Since mayhem 4 came out, I have absolutely refused to use short fuse. I hated building my way down just to get that single point and found a lot of hybrid, no capstone builds were very fun.

After these several weeks of having to struggle with our favorite lone surviving armored infantry pilot, the latest patch inspired me to give it another chance. And I have to say, I am very happy with the changes. In my experience before you couldn’t simply pick up any gun and have short fuse pull it up into viability. However, the DW tree seems to have really become so much better that I can pick up almost any gun and at least kill trash mobs with it.

I don’t know if it was like this before, but now I find myself experimenting with almost every gun again. I may be stuck with short fuse for a bit, even if I swap out the other trees or only do half in each.

Side note, the trees are so much better now, that I can even use Rocketeer with dakka bear periodically. Sure my teddy bear will kill himself sometimes, but it just works so well but it doesn’t hurt the gameplay too much if he dies. That’s not a short fuse comment, that’s just how much better the experiences overall.

Anyone else have similar experience?

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I’m still trying to do a non-splash Bloodletter build.

I tried Short Fuse and it multiplied my DPS. I’m starting to think that SoR tree is a bit weak


I have said this somewhere else but short fuse for moze is like megavore for fl4k. You see it in every build because it’s just so good it’s a mistake to be without it.

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I had great luck with non splash bloodletter, but it’s main issue is all of SoR damage is either a kill skill (PD, DiB) or requires deathless (DM) as where DW and BM trees (minus selfsplash) don’t have to jump though hoops to get equal damage. I avoided shortfuse since pre m4 xD if you are having any problems with Bl feel free to message me I might be able to help?

Shortfuse is great I used to love seeing the big number just not that big of a fan of it rn :smiley:

Well, i’m running a bloodletter with deathless, Bottomless Mags/SoR build, and i’m feeling a bit weak. I tried with Short Fuse and it felt MUCH more powerful, without even splash weapons. :no_mouth:

So if you know about a viable non-splash Bloodletter build i’m curious about it :thinking:

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the recent patch changed the way I play. I initially did a SOR/BM build, but it was just way too weak and comparison to adding short fuse. I don’t know if that’s intentional but it’s the result of the way they scaled it with mayhem I think

Short fuse got a bizarre and enormous buff in the last hotfix to scale off of action skill damage, which had been scaled up to x7 in M10. I don’t know the mathematical ins and outs of it but that’s why short fuse is dumb good right now. Pick anything with huge base damage or lots of pellets like the flipper and it annihilates.

On top of that you don’t even need to get anywhere near forge to keep the flipper topped up, so there’s really no reason not to use and abuse SF.

Enjoy it while you can I can’t see it lasting long in this state.

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Get a good amp shield and try a King/Queen’s Call or a Creamer. Both will heal you for so much they will amp almost every shot. They are both splash weapons, but you don’t need to invest in splash to smash M10 with the right anointments. I would advise against TCP with the Creamer.

I agree, creamer is so good. On demand full heals.

short fuze is good, but if Moze goes a different route than short fuze/splash build, I don’t think it works well. I’m trying it rn 1hp bloodletter

I’m currently using a health gate SoR build with rocketeer and 0 iron bear syenergy from skills and gear other than 1 point in auto bear (obviously) and 5 points in vampyr. And it works great. I’m matching my auto bears damage and it helps me keep my SoR stacks up.

My auto bear isn’t doing 8 mil per shot while i’m afk in dakka bear, but it works. I done both takedowns on MH10 with it, scaled only though.


I have an M10 Soulrender, it was a good weapon at lower Mayhem but at M10 it’s too weak. I tried to find one with 150% radiation bonus damage with -50% health, but it seems that the RNG hate me

Well, except Deadlines, I don’t have any skill in the blue tree. I’ll try that

Ran through Maliwan Takedown with a uRad build focusing in SoR and Iron Bear. Rocketeer COM, not Bloodletter, and this skill build.

If you dont want to use Bear, I would forget about SRMPs, SSB and SB to get the grenade skills and go with Mind Sweeper.

Deathletter is not performing this good right now in my opinion.

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Interesting build. This worked for maliwan? Makes a lot of sense but I thought the bulk of my dps was coming from SF so I was scared to get rid of it.

Scaled, thou.
IB helps with damage and stacking PD. I have yet to try with +5 PD as I dont have one with good rolls yet.

TD procs a lot, especially from DoT. I am always with a Double Downer, but I guess you could use better shields to go down less often.

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