So I'm getting my Axton to OP8 then

Scorch is pretty annoying. Corrosive weapon works well on those flaming creatures i didn’t know that.


Enemies in the peak don’t have the same weaknesses as outside of there. Corrosive is best for most enemies. Oney is resistant to explosive, shock works well for him.


I actually enjoy the peak when it isn’t making me pull out my hair. In case you haven’t seen them yet:

These are fantastic travel guides for while you’re there. It will test you, but you will feel so badass when you triumph. Safe travels, and good luck. Let us know if you need anything.

Wot is resistant to shock, and D’s mom is not weak to corrosive. Things to keep in mind while gearing up.


take a look at the Elements on the Peak post above by Boss Jefe.

One reason possibly is that Peak enemies is really not flesh but Digistruck copies only. :man_shrugging::man_shrugging:


Oh wow… I was wondering the other day what, if any, enemies were resistant to shock (outside of UBA Shock Skags and their charged minions). Is it just Digistruct Wot, or also Southpaw Wot?

On topic - is it possible to redo a certain round of Digistruct Peak? Like if I want to do round 7, I just go to OP7, round 3: OP3, whatever, and start a run? I haven’t been through the higher levels of Digistruct Peak for a while… might be some nostalgia/flashbacks there.


There’s also this


In the elements on the peak thread @Jefe refers to them as having their “regular resistances”, so I assume it is the same in Southpaw. I’m off for the day, but I could check tomorrow.

Yes. Exactly the way you described. @Handsome_Dad did his walkthrough videos with an OP8 toon that way.


Yeah that guy is annoying, I use flame grenades and non-elemental. Actually I’m using non-elemental on quite alot of things here, wanna guess at why? (clue: a certain fairly easy to get smg)

Yeah it’s pretty tough I guess, my sworn enemies the flying repair bots are back, why oh why didn’t I keep that e-tech shock dart :rage:
And let me guess the 3rd culprit in this games trinity of evil the rabid stalker is set to make an appearance at some point.

Definitely gonna farm a fresh hornet next sesh, joy. With up to date weaponry I guess it’d be slightly harder but not to bad I’d think, but maybe I’ll change my mind at OP8. On the other hand I got an OP2 legendary soldier mod (best mod in the game yo) and its way better than my lvl50 one. Not much point in keeping my Specialist mod now.


Oh crap I just saw on YouTube (yup I’m getting all the help I can) straightaway there’s a constructor in next round. Looks like I’ll be going for that fresh Lady Fist then, and I’ll probably reboot at OP6 I guess.


You’re making me second guess myself, but yes, should be both. However, because he’s so soft anyways (he’s got something like 1/3 the health that Oney has), he’ll still drop ok to shock if you’re putting out enough damage. My Gaige took him down with ~200 stacks and a shock Hail.


Before you do a reset just to get the Lady Fist try grenades and a corrosive Lyuda, Gwen’s Head, Anarchist or Veruc. Just make sure to dump every grenade you can at it- Pandemics or Storm Fronts if at a distance and Fastballs if you like to get in close…


Thanks to the lord of developers. Nope! :slight_smile:

:+1: That’s the spirit.
The year is 2019. It would be pointless not to use all the tools at our disposal.


It surprises me that you, the lord master of this game, needs any outside help at all :wink:


I can do the run to Lady Fist section (Badlands or whatever), surprisingly quickly, a couple of hours I’d say


Whaaa at OP3 there’s a whole new level after 4 assassins bit

For God’s sake, might put this one on the back burner for awhile

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Yeah, it gets longer. The thread by @Handsome_Dad that I linked upthread outlines it by area and OP level as well as including some strategies for all the possible spawns. I read the whole thread before I even fast traveled there. It kept the surprises to a minimum, but the Peak catches everyone off guard sometimes. Even the folks that have run it over and over, and then over again. The more familiar you become the less often it does it, but it will still get you from time to time. Taking breaks when it overwhelms you is always recommended. Heck, I’ve got 5 toons on break at varying OP levels. Frustration is the enemy of thought, and thought is what the Peak requires more than anything else.


Most of us like “soloing” our stuff and there’s certainly a pride in doing so.
Once you already did (reached) it! :wink:
Borderlands, like many other things, is best enjoyed with friends.
Especially those areas meant to be done in coop.
I’m sure you’ll find forum people eager to" help and share" on your platform.


Yeah thanks, I been watching some runs on YouTube also for a heads-up.

Some Japanese guy on there did it with Zero, I think he had the Law & Order melee build? Heh didn’t think I’d chuckle so much at Borderlands dialogue in Japanese, it was entertaining.


Corrosive gwens head? Sounds like it will take just as much time to farm one of those tbh.

Actually I don’t think I’ve ever got one, or fire, ever. Just normal and shock.

Yeah so Saturn comes along at op7? He’s probably my most hated boss in this game tbh, maybe I’ll just quit with Axton at that point.

In the (probably quite far lol) future maybe I might do up to OP8 with Zero and/or Gaige and/or Sal maybe.