So, Im' lvl 39 now

SO, i was ploaying two incursion matches one by one, using PvP casual play option. And I lelveled, and suddenly my PvP section changed…back. After some Update there was a change, a week or so, within PvP: three choices (between CTW, Incurion and Meltdown) were remade into Spotlight battle, Casual Play and that something third, Competitive Play or somethin’, and now suddenly it’s all gone. Its good ol’ PvP back again :slight_smile: execept that it’s marked as “newly achieved”. Was there any update I missed or lvl 39 unlocks something I wasn’t aware of?

[quote=“zadymek, post:1, topic:1540420, full:true”]Was there any update I missed

You missed something. A pretty big something, in fact.

So, there was an Update …during me playing those 2 matches, and it applied without me even noticing (because i wasn’t leaving the game)? Interesting, I thought patching while in-game wasn’t possible on Steam…
Well, I hope these changes are for good this time, wonder if they’ll repair the Story mode perfolrmance next…

The changes did not require client side patching. I wouldn’t expect much happening with Story mode. We will have to wait for BL3 for any hope of a good Story mode at this point. I’d recommend picking up BL2 if you don’t already have it. Still an amazing game.

I meant all the optimisation issues, raids are fine, just 20-60 fps spread spoils fun for me :wink: