So I'm trying to wrap my head around a proper build for Axton


Right - now I know what you mean.


Ah, apologies then. Figured that was obvious from the “AoE” bit. Super glad they fixed that, though. Super annoying in BL2. Speaking of which, it’s a bit off-topic, but it’s something I’ve wondered. How exactly do tesla grenades do enough damage to disable Zer0’s shield? I assume you do so for his various “shields down” related skills/buffs.


Here’s the result : both Steady and Do or Die increase DoT damage. As does the Grenadier COM - which is no surprise.

And on the Zer0 front, on average an on-level tesla does enough damage to break an average shield without doing damage to his health - actually you can see it in the above video ( sort of ).

It can be tricky to match though, especially if using a Chain Lightning instead : if the shield has an Anshin or Pangolin part, its capacity might be too high for a single grenade to break it ; if you put on a shock Bone it effectively adds three levels to the grenade - so you can kill yourself in one strike.

And the purpose of breaking it is because one generally uses a roid shield, which only buffs melee damage when depleted.

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Personally I’ve found this build for Axton as my best final set up, filling out Guerilla as far as Scorched Earth and Onslaught, and down to Longbow Turret in Gunpowder for NVHM, then down to Gemini and the rest of the way to Double Up in UVHM.

The thing I’ve found is that Axton also gets the most out of shields much the same as he does grenades. With two Turrets drawing enemy aggro (also the Phalanx shields do protect the Turrets themselves at range, making them last a bit longer under fire) he’s pretty much free to get the most out of The Bee to add damage to all his guns, which in turn affects things like his splash damage. Pair that with his kill skills and his health support skills and he ends up being a pretty solid middle ground between heavy damage and high survival when you flesh him out fully in UVHM.

As for Grit, the activation chance doesn’t have a cooldown, so when you boost it to 10/5 or 11/5 it can save his butt in some really high damage situations that would normally put him right into FFYL, and since some of his skills reach their highest bonuses when he’s under heavy damage, it can actually benefit him to skirt the line of healthgate.

Edit: Also Grit doesn’t just ignore damage, it also regenerates up to half of maximum health when it activates (I run Axton with the Evolution half of the time so I forgot about this part) which means at 10 or 11/5 it can keep his health refilling near constantly in heavier firefights.

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Wow Level 48 and you haven’t gone for 1 of Axton’s endgame skills? Never seen that before.

BTW guys pretty interesting that my Axton looks not much like you guys’, e.g. at Level 38 he looked like this:

yeh he destroying pretty hard with that build I remember, with a slag gun and non-elemental pistol or SMG
this is TVHM level so non-elemental guns still very viable with Axton, probably I was using mod that boosts reload speed or his cool mod that boosted SMG accuracy and also Duty Calls skill

for example of this type of Axton in action, luckily I have video recorded

OP maybe you can check and see, Axton was really powerful for me by this point