So is anyone having luck with rare spawns yet?

I’ve tried a few of the easiest to reach, each one multiple times to no avail. Can anyone confirm that the event has actually started? I’ve not seen an update notice on the pause screen yet regardless, I’ve left the main menu up for several minutes after quiting a few times. Still no rare spawns.

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Yep, was kinda excited to see these rare enemies more, but i’m already over it because again Gearbox muffed the implementation yet again :frowning: If your system of hotfixes annoys your playerbase or leaves them confused then it is not a good system. I’m not gonna fight with a game over something that should just work.

they’re probably just running late with the hotfix, give it some time. remember, we’ve had hotfixes go live hours before what they originally said… it’s not unreasonable to think it can go the other way around aswell.

Agreed. Was just wondering if there was some special sauce to getting the update. I left the menu up for ~20 minutes and that did the trick.

yea still isn’t working for me yet

Check this thread for updates

I am going to close this because it is a duplicate of what is being talked about in the link above