So is CCC the best build with the new mod, or...?

I’ve switched from an Infiltrator build with a focus on repeatedly activating action skills, to a Seein’ Red build that uses CCC.

I’m missing out on a lot of good skills by investing so heavily in the green tree. I either have to forgo duct tape mod and avoid the digiclone and its skills, or not put any points in tier 5 of the SNTNL tree.

How are people utilising this new mod? Grenade spam could be promising, but I would either need to ditch CCC or invest less in the SNTNL tree to work it, which would suck because it contains most of his kill skills, as you know.

Fun fact. If you get some points in Good Misfortune (Kills Uptime For AS), this mod makes CCC Borderline irrelevant. My Drone and Clone had 100 percent uptime in every fight. It’s absolutely bonkers.

Playing M4. With a partner. Being able to not care who gets the kill is amazing.


Like @sammantixbb said, CCC is really conditional based off what route you are going. Each tree has perks to help keep your AS up. I go CCC and double barrel clone, even with the new mod it really helps the build.

Also a side note, on M4 very few grenades work well.

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I’ve been getting good results with a mixed between blue and orange with only one skill in the green tree. Those two have a lot of really just good kill skills that you’ll want to benefit from.

Which ones work well? I have an anointed storm front.

I have an anointed storm front too, it just tickles shields.

Moxxi’s Pair someone has mentioned. and Firestorm if it all hits right. Its Piss for debuff is great, I use Whispering Ice to proc freezes.

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I am the Cryo Grenade for my partners Melee Fl4k. I ran a Cryo recurring hex and when my clone got into a good pocket, we had Launch Moze level madness :joy:

according to my testing single point in good misfortune is enough to allow you going down the clone tree as far as old U which works great now. only reason i would go past confident competence in undercover is if i want futility belt or distributed denial atm.

Has anyone tried the new Rico shield in a CCC build with Distributed Denial?

Curious what the point in a CCC build with that would be? CCC is upkept by freezing through crits or cryo, neither of which the Rico would help with. DD on the Rico would though theoretically help keep action skills up with Good Misfortune/Seeing Dead, probably infinitely without effort.


You generally use Frozen Heart with CCC to proc it, not a gun or a com. This com is meant for gun and running with a balanced build invested in tier 1-3 of Zane’s trees. Executor/troublemaker are still his best coms in general in my opinion.



The skills it buffs are the tier one hitmans? And it’s not meant for a full down tree I thought. It’s not gonna benifit a tree all the way down like Executor does with +3 to the duration skill

Well, there’s a lot to unpack here,

I’m not sure where to start. Lol.

We’re talking about Seeing Dead. The new Moxxi DLC COM that buffs kill skills and also makes them possible to activate on any shot.

This includes Good Misfortune and Fractal Frags.

Seeing Dead is the com i thought this was about. Antifreeze I didn’t look into. Don’t own the dlc yet.

I’m just gonna point out the thing that gave me the biggest headache: Frozen Heart will never give you a reset Action Skill if it’s yours rhat goes off because it’ll just recharge your shield

This I find to be a very strange comment. Sure there are builds which will use Clone+Frozen Heart for a free CCC proc but generally Brainfreeze is the bread and butter of CCC builds and that requires regular critical hits to be landed. Sometimes people will supplement with high cryo efficiency weapons to get that freeze but generally it’s a high pellet weapon with a well placed crit that is relied on. Frozen heart, is not a reliable way to run CCC by itself, it can supplement in very specific builds however.

This com is useful for a lot of things. Zane has kill skills in all of his trees but most notably clone/drone. This com also allows for infinite action skill uptime without the use of CCC.

Executor can still be very strong for a CCC build if you want to run that but I don’t see how you say it’s objectively best. And I don’t know wth a ‘troublemaker’ is.

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I swear I’ve never seen a Zane build that doesn’t involve ccc

…I 've been running Clone and Drone pretty successfully since day one? I was actually a big anti-CCC snob for a while? Hex around here made multiple points to prove he could run SS without a single point in green tree.

The Troublemaker is a com with bonuses to Donnybrook, Playing Dirty and his lifesteal skill. Brain freeze is just a good overall skill. I just never cared about any of that, what does it matter I guess. I thought it was really a great bonus to have for that build. Frozen heart i mean.