So.... is it lootpocalypse?

The info says tomorrow morning, but when I opened BB today it said lootpocalypse had begun. Also, the stats on much of my gear have been decreased. Bug?

Really? Nothing?

I noticed I didn’t get any extra special items from loot packs or story. If they nerfed the legendaries it’s about time. If they nerfed the purple epic gear… that’s whack.

Technically, the BB thing says the “Lootpocalypse is upon us”, which can mean that it is already here or that it’s coming soon. It’s coming tomorrow morning. It’s not active now.

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If it was attack damage and speed, that was part of today’s hotfix. Did you read the latest Battleplan in the News section?

I think it started days ago… It’s been raining legendaries all week

Today’s BP said that the legendary rates would be “further increased”, so tighten you seat belt and hold on tight! Going to be a busy weekend; good job we got that extra bank space, too!

“Is upon us…” not “will be upon us.” It’s unequivocal right? But maybe the graphic is out because of other time zones?

Tomorrow morning. No Lootpocalypse yet.

The other changes were from the Hotfix…Attack damage and attack speed were nerfed, crit damage and skill damage were buffed.

The lootpocalypse is nigh.

Starts on Friday 8am pacific time.

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I’m pretty sure it is, because on an early run of the algorithim I got two h3nchm3n’s wrenches from a single fight with the h3nchm3n. Maybe just weird rng who knows.

Like I said, it’s been raining legendaries. I got more in one morning if playing than the three months before it

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“Is upon us” can mean that something is either presently occurring or that it is soon to occur. One might say, “The weekend is upon us,” on Friday and you would be entirely correct.

As such, it isn’t unequivocal and, no, it doesn’t need to be out because of time zones (the Lootpocalypse is starting at the same time, 8am PT, regardless of where you happen to be). The term is being used to both announce the coming (right now) as well as the presence of (starting tomorrow) the Lootpocalypse. It’s kind of a jerky way to do it, using the same announcement for both, but it’s, from a linguistic standpoint, entirely appropriate.

No, it hasn’t started. It’s easy to tell by looking at loot pack prices. When faction packs are under 1000, that’s your sign.

I disagree, but I appreciate your epic response. May the force be with you friend.

They greatly increased legendaries drop a couple of hotfixes ago. What you get is not a Lootpocalipse, it’s just current “normal” drop rate.

sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesus!!!