So is Moze back to the Kybs?

I tried Kaoson for an hour and was so disappointed I just shut the game down…Yellowcake is good for like one shot with 300/90 anoint…and that’s about it.

Are we back to the Kybs with the small decrease to health at M10 helping? Maybe the new Splash Anoint Buffs??

Boom Sickle? Lob? Tiggs? Backburner?

I get that OPQ is still good…for like 2 more weeks and a level cap raise.

But what else is “viable”?? Any of the SMG buffs??

For a patch that was supposed to increase “viability” this has been…well, I am sorry to say this but it’s a total disaster…

Raid is…well whatever it is, I can’t find anyone to play it with me.

Game just feels like we took another huge step back instead of a move forward.

At this point I would concentrate EVERYTHING on fixing Mayhem 2.0 and getting whatever damn “balance” they are striving for fixed before releasing a DLC.

Maybe the grenade, shield and action skill buffs will really help. let’s hope because right now I just kinda don’t want to play…a first for me…


Moze is a chore to play now even with x3 Kyb’s which i have and to have just lost all interest with it in it’s current state.I’ll repeat what I’ve said …This Not Borderlands


The hell?

Why everyone is talking about level cap? From where is this information coming from?

The only info about DLC3 is that it’ll provide level BOOST not CAP.

So You can start the game with <lv.15 that has already unlocked S3 for traveling to dlc area and that’s it…

Correct…total speculation at this point.

Buuuut…I’m betting another 3…especially if they add a 4th tree or additional skills to existing trees as some of the latest data mining suggests.

but what do I know…

I would imagine we are going to get another level cap soon, especially if fourth trees is actually happening

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At the start when the cap was lvl 50, we had enough points to diversify and go halfway down each tree. I imagine that the next level cap will take us anywhere between 60-66. In terms of that level range, it would be the right area to implement a 4th skill tree. But in terms of timing, it’s not the right time for Gearbox to release more skill trees as there’s a lot of things that need fixing first.

The game’s foundation is shaky as hell and when they should be focusing on making the foundation stronger first before doing anything else, they instead focus on quantity over quality, making the foundation weaker over time, as evidenced by them throwing in 10 different Mayhem levels when the game isn’t even a year old. That’s not including the fresh mess that is the new Guardian Takedown. When a shock Sand Hawk in a sniper build can strip Wotan’s shields in just one or two shots, yet takes several shots to kill a simple trash guardian, there’s no question that there’s something seriously wrong with the enemy health scaling in the new takedown.


i feel like 53 is the best , u cant have everything but u can have everything u need

I’m probably going to stop playing until the next patch. Hell since 2.0 dropped I’ve gotten 3 CMTs. One was from a chest by the portal back to Maurice. Un-anointed since it was before the guaranteed anoints on M10. The other 2 from vendors. What are the chances of getting another one when grenades scale again. I already had a Level 57 on weapon throw one so it doesn’t really matter anyway but having an M10 scaled one would be nice when the time comes. One step forward two back. I see no point investing time when I keep getting shafted. As far as guns I’m back to my consecutive hits kinetic Boom Sickle.

Sadly, until DLC4 drops and the main dlcs have finished releasing I don’t see them taking a fine-toothed comb to endgame balance. They’ve got to keep to schedule in the end.


:point_up_2: This 100%

Just prior to Muckup2.0 :wink: The game was at a point where everything was feeling pretty good. Then, BOOM! new scale to measure stuff against, no way of telling what level the loot was dropping at. New gear and anointments further muddying the waters and a realisation that some of the stuff in the lootpiles was going to be unlevelled.

Now a round of errrr, “Balancing”? that has changed the feel or effectiveness of some really popular gear, anointments yes even mutually exclusive modifiers :rage: All combining to make the game feel like you are fighting with one arm tied behind your back at times.

It’s just a mad seesaw of boom and bust and it needs to be settled down, as you say probably not until the content dust settles unfortunately.

I just played 2 nights consecutively where I never loaded up Borderlands during the session for the first time since last Sept and I was playing Destiny. I just hope some sort of consistency in balancing is achieved during this year and a playerbase still exists once we see the bulk of the final product.

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I love this game, I do! But I do have to agree that some of their choice’s haven’t made a lot of sense.
To start I’d like to let it be known im neither pro or anti nerf, I see the points on both sides just don’t want to be put in one camp.
I’ve been a moze main(do have all 4 max lvl just have way more time played) since launch day and went through super great grenade spam build and deathless and blast master when all were at there peak’s and dealt with the balancing every so often. Honestly I think mh2.0 wasnt that bad I had no issues during the transition. But the mh6+ exclusives were, and are a lot of fun but I don’t really get the nerf’s this time around… they hit a launcher, sniper, and smg, fairly hard at that and “buffed” just some smgs and released the new take down which had a replacement launcher kinda and an AR which was basically trash which already got buffed while neglectin so many other fundamental issues…
I’m gonna play up to and through the next dlc
They need to stop nerfing things, scale underperforming things much better, and realize that difficulty isn’t just make everything more spongey.

Joltz and K6 were spotted with level 60 builds I think.

Ah, right the “better people” stuff.

Guess GBX doesn’t want to make test servers but those few “better people” still gets stuff early…

Randy is asking on various social media platforms if we’d like to have betas of new content tested by “folks” and “beaten up” by them before public release. Said it would probably delay content. Also basically admitted that “free content “ was being released as fast as possible implying that it has not been heavily tested by a large group.

My personal take is that OF COURSE we would want an “open” beta that we could sign up for. Have it be live over a weekend and then gather feedback.

Do not just involve a few stalwart content creators and totally fine if the content is delayed. Make it an open public beta with a clear instruction how to provide feedback.

Because what’s getting thrown out there as free content invariably has far too many things wrong with it. And just results in more negativity than any positive aspect of it being “quick and free.”