So is the BL2 community dead in these forums?

Matchmaking for overpowered levels is a joke. These forums seem like a good place to turn to right? No not really, I mean it has only been a month since the handsome collection came out. So why is it so hard to find people to complete OP 7? Soloing is out of the picture with all my OP 5 & 6 gear. And i’m not gonna grind until I get to 8. I just needed to vent cause this is frustrating. But if anyone would like to do this or need help so we can run this together let me know. GT: I Am TH3 EGGMAN

I haven’t had any issue finding folk but then again I have no op stuff at all.

Having said that, you’re not doing yourself any favors by (pardon the technical term here) bitching about the community.

I can help you if you like I managed to solo my way to op8 (after a few days of ripping my hair out) I’m not sure when I’m next on but send me a message my gt is Dave90T