So is the next BL going to have more "curvy" women like Athena and Aurelia?

Couldn’t help but notice that unlike virtually every other female in the series, who seem headswap of the same thin body mesh (Moxxy being custom up top obviously), but Aurelia and Athena seem to have very wide hips, pronounced rear, and to futher differentiate, Athena has noticeably thick thighs (Or is that padding from the armor?) while Aurelia has a noticeable thigh gap.

The male VH’s always had unique character models, so its nice to see the females get some differentiation as well, and I’m hoping to see more of it in future games :smile:

Maya has anything but a “same thin body.” She has an amazingly robust rear side.

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Hey, Lilith and Nisha have nice butts too… Give them some love too, man :P.

Give the women some love, not their butts xD

Now you know that’s my favorite female Vault Hunter…

…and it has nothing to do with T&A.

That part was just in case someone read what I said wrong :P.

Good call.

But NOT including the original Athena in BL1 Knoxx DLC. Talk about your walking stick model…

Nisha and Maya use the same base model with a different skin.

Also, Motor mama and Elie in BL2 have curves…

Anyway, I don’t care too much about women’s shapes, as long as they are voiced by Coleen Clickenbeard.

Though I agree that the TPS women have a shape much closer to what a fighter would have.

Though Ronda Rousey is pretty sexy if you ask me, and she’s not especially muscle-bound.

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All the women have always looked similar to me. All but Motor mamma and Ellie. I’d be great to see more variety like the male models have.


A female version of Salvador would be funny.

I think Gaige had a different model. She seemed more skinny than the others.

Scarlet also had a different model, though not especially different from the others.

And Moxxi is pretty much a caricature, like Elie and MM… But the thing is, pretty much everyone in BL is a caricature: they’re Toons. Zero is way too tall, Salvador is a small ball of muscles, Brick is a freaking monster, Roland and Axton both look like that “Ideal man” from magazines and movies, Mordecai is very skinny… Even enemies: rats, Bruisers, Nomads and psychos have vastly different morphology.

Maybe caricaturing females is harder, or there are less stereotypes floating around to go to. The “Fat chick” and “Bombshell” women types have been done, but what else is there ?

Maybe they wanted to avoid some backlash by not picturing some protagonist women with body types associated with anorexia or other women image issues and just played it safe ? … Almost all females in the game have a shape that squarely belongs in the “healthy and beautiful” spectrum.

That’s an issue I wouldn’t want to be faced with as a 3D artist.


Nina is sexy



The “Motherly menopaused foreign woman” stereotype hadn’t been used before TPS :slight_smile:

The “German swimming gold medalist” one hasn’t been yet (or it could be called the “Dolf Lundgren with boobs”)

lol this was mostly just me being happy to have a playable female that wasn’t a twig like Lillith, Maya, Gaige, and Nisha.

Aurelia has an almost brazilian figure.

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Well, Gaige is, like, a 15 year old high school girl. Can’t really blame her for being small

Yes, I know officially Gaige is 18. I don’t care. She looks 15.


You say that like there’s some discernible difference between 15 and 18 lol.

Hell, the pigtails make her look like she’s in her 30s trying to do a “Schoolgirl” routine, because that’s the ONLY time I’ve seen pigtails anymore lol.

We also have women with scared faces ontop of body type viriety. Helena Pierce and Vallory the Queenpin both have some nasty scars on their faces. Vallory I found to be quite intimidating… Made me do some firm yet timid responses in Tales of the Borderlands. When Vallory offered her hand to help Fiona up, I felt like I had to accept it, or she would blow my brains out xD

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I’m 20, so I can still tell :P.

I’m 27, so I can’t lol.

We picked the same choice. You are a real psychic, you’re always readin’ my mind.

We need a insanely giant and ripped female for Brick to fall in love with, and so he has a fair fighting partner. We could call her… pretend i said an awesome name right here. My thinking isnt working well.

Huge Bertha: the Puncher of Constructors, Esquiress, the 15th of Promethia, Lord.