So is the next BL going to have more "curvy" women like Athena and Aurelia?

Texture is irrelevant. The model is Ellies but if you want to go there, you could just lighten Motor Mamma’s texture and you’d get Ellie with goggles and a hat.

Yeah, I wish there was more diversity. All the extra random NPC’s are based off of one male and one female model and just given random texture tints and head swaps. Though I did notice an even less diverse color pallet in TPS. I don’t even remember seeing darker shaded NPC’s at all.

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I don’t really care about the ethnicity, as long as we have a wider variety of common NPC looks.

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Ethnicity, gender, age and sexual orientation have been addressed pretty well if you ask me: among VH there are 2 blacks, 2 Latinos, 8 Caucasian, 1 Indian, 1 unknown and 1 robot, with nearly half of them female… Pretty fair IMO.

Not only that but those non-white characters don’t conform to any kind of negative stereotypes.

We also have nearly half the character either bisexual or gay… No complaints there either. Moxxi is old enough to have adult children, my Torgue is 40-something, Gaige is barely adult… again, pretty diverse here too. (It’s harder to justify a wider age gap here since this is an action game)

Body type has also been very varied in general, but women specifically have been either hourglass shapped or morbidly obese with a few variations… Again, maybe because it’s harder to caricature women.


More ? Nearly half the playable females are non white.

I didn’t mean specifically just player characters but I understand your point on that side of it. More variety all around on all characters… I never meant there was no diversity whatsoever. More is always better in this instance I believe.

Nisha is indian, if that counts. I’m assuming Athena has greek heritage.

Or the space equivalents, at least.

Actually come to think of it, how the hell do you go into “ethnic variety” in a spacefaring species? Ethnicity comes evolution adapting to environment. Wouldn’t all humans in space wind up looking largely the same anyway, to be adaptable to any environment?

Maybe after some thousands of years they would.

So should we just assume Borderlands takes place thousand of years in the future?

Honestly, it probably does already considering all the crazy sh*t they have like lightning rockets and matter being instantly created out of nothing.

more like Thousands… upon thousands of years. In the nearest conceivable future (like…the next 1000 to 3000 years maybe), humanity is much more likely to change due to blood mixing (so as to render the whole concept of race obsolete) that actual environment adaptation.

It’s also reasonable to expect the environment to have much less of an impact as time goes on and natural selection starts to be less impacted by physical adaptation than by other factors like intellect and social intelligence. especially in a spacefaring society where the “environment” will most likely be artificially controled most of the time …so “new races” is probably never gonna be a thing, and the whole idea of races is probably gonna be completely out by then.

As for the Borderlands timeline, thousands of years is way too much as a guess IMO. Given the speed at which our current technology is developing, I can picture everything they have to be available less than, say…500 years from now.

cell phones weren’t even a thing 40 years ago, and now…I’m typing THIS from one!!! and it’s not even special anymore!

that’s just 40 years… at OUR speed.

Give us 500 years of uninterrupted development and everything in BL will be available.

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Well, people in the 50s thought we would have had flying cars 15 years ago, so there’s that side of it also :P.

I like how this went from female body figure to futuristic tech talk xD

Haha! yes
But they made the mistake of anticipating progress according to their values and needs, not according to what the people using them would want.

They imagined flying cars, but failed to predict the Internet, because their generation valued personal freedom of transportation more than information sharing.

They also imagined robots that did the dishes and walked the dog, but not digital music…

They saw jetpacks, but not the Kindle

In short, they were pretty spot-on about the depth and width of our technology, they just were rubbish at predicting WHAT we would focus on.

“We can’t hear you over the sound of the blowjob machines Jack gave us.” Wasn’t that some kind of dialogue somewhere in TPS or TftBL? Seems appropriate here for some reason xD

Borderlands 2 in Oppurtunity. Jack says it over the intercomm occaisionally.

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This. Gearbox is pretty on top of this. Even better, they don’t flaunt it within the game. It just feels natural. It’s no big deal. Like it should be.


Well we do have flying cars, the problem is that they are just insanely impractical and dangerous, which is why they aren’t more widespread. Airborne gridlock and traffic accidents? No thank you.

Well when it all comes down to it as far as BL3 goes as long as the core game is good it won’t matter to most… Hell it could be a rainbow colored kragon with a turet on its head but as long as it’s fun to play I’m good. Just an opinion and I realize borderlands is a pretty diverse world already. Never complained it wasn’t. And as far as that rainbow kragon goes… Yes I want it to have curves for days. Lol!!!


Borderlands takes place in approximately 2864


Aaaah! so that gives substance to my guestimate. :smile:

what is your source for this ?

Roland graduated in 2854. Roland is 34 years old. The average graduates
18-19 year old. I picked 19.

34 - 19

15 <---- Years since Roland graduated.


2854 + 15

2869 <----Time borderlands 2 takes place. Borderlands 1 is about 2864