So is the next BL going to have more "curvy" women like Athena and Aurelia?

Ah! didn’t know that, interesting.

So let’s just assume that BL takes places “in the 60’s”… 2860’s that is.

I want it

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How about playable loaders… we already got FR4G-TP in Pre-Sequel, maybe R-0513 as a Vault Hunter for BL3

Other than the fact that Nisha killed Brick’s dog :blcensor

Note how I didn’t say Brick would reciprocate the feelings lol.

Sides, all the vault hunters are mass murdering psychopaths. Its part of why Lilith is so hated in the presequel: She’s just a hypocrite, and really not any different than Brick or any other bandit.

Indeed, I did note that. I still don’t think Nisha would be interested considering how she thought Brick ‘weak’ for his attachment to the dog and how he broke down once she’d killed it.

As for the other observation; isn’t that similar to the freedom fighter/terrorist thing, depending on which side you are viewing the Vault Hunters from :acmwink:

But yet Athena never gets the same treatment and resentment. She talks up how good she is, but she spends her free time viciously murdering any Atlas personnel she sniff out, regardless if they were involved in her sister’s death or not. At least 5 years of seeking out anyone who works for them and slicing them in half. People call out Lilith for being bloodthirsty, but not Athena.

Yep. “I’m always right, you’re always wrong.” Good 'ol humanity.

“If crime fighters fight crime and firefighters fight fires, what do freedom fighters fight? No one ever mentions that part!” - George Carlin

I like it :grinning: never heard that quote before.

Mostly because Athena doesn’t try to deny it or make excuses like Lilith does. Plus also unlike Lilith, Athena DOES regret screwing people over.

like Lilith going “If it weren’t for people like her, my boyfriend might still be alive!” So, all the lives YOUVE ruined don’t count? Not to mention Lilith was ALSO part of the reason for Jacks ascent, not just Athena?

Or Lilith going “If you say you’re anything like me again, I’ll kill you where you stand”. Athena was a vault hunter EXACTLY like Lilith, even effectively part of the same GROUP as Lilith for a time. but Lilith refuses to acknowledge it was just conflict of interests.

I’ll just copy SpiderTeo’s posts about Athena. He said it better than I could.

Nurse Nina take care of you!

Not how I’m seeing it. My main problem with Lilith is she’s a MASSIVE hypocrite, and essentially became everything Jack accused her of being: a simple bandit. Most of her quests involved screwing people over, and she always voiced absolute glee and joy at the carnage, LOUDLY, I might add, and even in BL2 and PSQ, she spends the entire game pointing out she doesn’t regret ANYTHING she does, and actually enjoys terrorizing people and repeatedly admits she’s a bad person.

So the “Moral outrage” she has towards athena falls pretty flat. After Knoxx, Athena fell into a mercenary lifestyle out of necessity, but prided herself on being professional by finishing the mission she’s hired to do, regardless of whether she liked the employer or not. Her echo even addresses this. “Loyalty to the mission is one thing. Loyalty to people is something else”

Lilith IS half a step away from becoming just “What if Jack was a bandit?” Even the insane psychopath BRICK protests that she’s gone over the edge.

I can see Lilith becoming the next big villain, especially since she has a serious “Hero” complex just like Jack did, which, similarly, is what blinded him to his own faults.

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I would be very unhappy if this happened. I have no desire to kill Lilith.

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Firstly, I got to thank @ACNAero for summoning me again. So where to start?

Not how I’m seeing it. My main problem with Lilith is she’s a MASSIVE hypocrite…[/quote]
And by that standard, Athena is a military-grade economy-sized family-pack of hypocrisy. She wants to kick Atlas off Pandora because they are bad people. She fails to recognize that Jack is just as bad, but does nothing to stop him. Matter of fact, she continues to assist and enable him in his mad quest for power. We see repeatedly in BL2 and TftBL that many people claim that Hyperion was worse than Atlas during their occupation. How Athena could turn a blind eye to that is absolutely ludicrous.

The website defines bandit as:

1 : an outlaw who lives by plunder; especially : a member of a band of marauders
2 : robber
3 : an enemy plane [/quote]

Well, by that definition, all the Vault Hunters are essentially bandits. Hell, even Jack could be considered the biggest bandit of them all. But simple? Not by a long shot.

Most of the Vault Hunters live a life of struggle and survival on the borderland planets. To survive, they need to compete with the actual “simplified” bandits for whatever loot is around. All the while, they have mostly tried to protect and assist the non-bandit population when possible. If Pandora were a more civilized place with a centralized democratic or republic government, then life could be much simpler and survival wouldn’t necessitate taking out the local bandits hell bent on raiding anyone not part of their tribe.

Life on Pandora is not so much black-and-white as it is darkly comical and tongue-in-cheek. Sometimes, you just need to blow off a midget’s head before he can rescue you (and by “rescue,” I mean “murder”).

Correction: many of her quests involved screwing crazy-ass bandits over. The Cult of the Firehawk were a bunch of incendiary psychos that wanted to burn everything and every one around them. The bandit miners in the Tundra Express were actively helping Hyperion in their operations on Pandora. The city of Opportunity would have been a “civilized” fascist prison which would provide income for Hyperion and also house potential civilians who could be casualties in the battles between Hyperion and the Crimson Raiders. Really, the people that Lilith wanted to get “screwed over” are people that need to get "screwed over,’ lest those same people screw over others who don’t deserve to get screwed over.

No, she didn’t.

Correction: she doesn’t regret her part where she almost gets Jack (and Athena) killed by Moxxi’s plan.

No, she doesn’t.

True, but these were in reference to the destruction of the heathen demi-god Scorch, and her unwittingly insensitive method of coping with Bloodwing’s death.

The “moral outrage” that was described in my previous posts were Athena’s, not Lilith’s. This “moral outrage” is the main reason Athena give the original Vault Hunters to enlist their aid in kicking out Atlas. With that clarified, the above quoted statement should be ignored.

I can’t argue with that, since it just repeats what I already said.

And this raises red flags for Lilith, if nothing else. I’m just repeatng exactly what I was quoted in @ACNAero’s post:

Roland put loyalty to people first, over loyalty to the mission.

This is because Brick doesn’t know Athena as Lilith does. Brick was not there at Elpis or Helios. Brick wasn’t there to witness first-hand this different Athena who was working for Jack, apart from the Athena they knew from the Knoxx DLC. Also, and this is a personal note, I think that scene was not consistently written for Brick’s character.

No, she doesn’t have a “Hero” complex. She is now just thrust into the role of leadership and responsibility vacated by Roland’s death, a role that she may not feel completely comfortable with, but a role that she needs to take regardless.

Seriously, if you want to continue the discussion, then bring it. But bring it in another, more appropriate thread. This thread is all about 'dat ass!

Check it. Even though Athena is still close to that “idealized female body,” her model at least gives us some luvin’ with those Chun Li thighs. I’m like… HMMM! Damn girl! She got legs that would crush skulls!

Also, if anyone recalls the Valentine Massacre Headhunter pack, we get to see a female goliath. I think they just put boobs on the standard goliath model, but it could be a start to more varied female bodies.

Maybe some women midget psychos in the future?

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I didn’t summon you, I just quoted you. I guess Discourse thought I was summoning you, huh?


To be fair I managed to derail this thread into a talk about 1950’s technology, so…

Eh, it probably works like Beetlejuice: quote me a bunch of times and then I’ll show up.

[quote]To be fair I managed to derail this thread into a talk about 1950’s technology, so…[/quote]And to segway from that, the 1950’s had a different idealized model of the female body. Can anyone say “Bettie Page?”

K so the Athena thing is not like 100% “I’m stopping evil vigilante”, it’s more of a “Fk with me and I will destroy everything you hold dear”, she might’ve used the “atlas is bad” shpiel in T-Bone but it was mainly about the “Hello. My Name Is Athena Montoya, You Killed My Sister, Prepare to Die.”. Her one thing was finding her sister, Atlas knew that and thought it was a good idea to exploit it, then her life became “fk you atlas”. I’d assume past presumably killing all of the Atlas-alligned personel she’d have a helluva identity crisis, which more or less would lead to the “I really don’t care about what side i’m on or your mission anymore, mine’s already over, I’m only looking out for #1 and killing’s all I know”, then Janey gets involved and blah blah blah Tales Stuff.

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She has a last name? O_o

It’s a quote from the princess bride

Ahh. Only part of that movie I remember is the poison drinking bit, if that’s even the right movie.