So is the next BL going to have more "curvy" women like Athena and Aurelia?

Dude, that’s one of the most memorable parts of the movie! How can you forget Inigo Montoya? Damn 20-somthing year olds not appreciating their pop culture…

It was in high school and I wasn’t really paying attention?

Next, you’re gonna tell me you don’t know who the Dread Pirate Roberts is.

P.S. Is it just me or did Janey seem to have broader shoulders in Tales from the Borderlands?

Maybe she’s building those shoulder muscles working in the catch-a-ride stations.

Also, your posts on Athena are always full of win. Keep up the good work :thumbsup:

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I bet it’s the one about her Chun Li thighs, right? It’s all about them thighs. HMMM!

" Also, and this is a personal note, I think that scene was not consistently written for Brick’s character."

Yeah, when I first saw that exchange, my thoughts were" wow…that was tacked on…".

As far as Athena helping Jack, that was a good thing He kept the moon from being exploded. As soon as the mission was accomplished, she left him smoldering.

she left him smoldering…

…only to come back and help him commit clap-genocide (G3N0-TP?)

I just feel the hypocrisy claims on Athena is a little much, I mean I saw it as a lack of care for what she was doing after Jess’ demise, and the supposed Atlassian genocide of her own. She had nothing to live for at that point, why would she care about who she’s helping? After the fact she gets someone else she cares about and only cares about that from that point on.


Yeah it’s less that Athena is a hypocrite, and more that “Getting vengeance for making her kill her own sister”, then going back to being a professional who carries out her missions.

Jack may be an ass, but so was Atlas, the difference being that Jack didn’t screw Athena over.

Anyways, back on topic. I wonder if there will be alternate costumes available in future games, just like head swaps? Rather than just recolors, yaknow?

IIRC, they mentioned somewhere, mabye in the intro actually, that she needed the money badly

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What does @Kitty_Jo even look like?

Roland’s the only one I’ve seen whose Black, and What Category does Wilhelm fit in?

There are a couple of me in the the Prove you’re not a robot thread. I’ll try and find me self…

Plus random pictures in various other threads…

But since I linked that thead above, maybe some more of you should go prove you’re not a robot either.

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I did, and you look nice.

Roland and Aurelia…? The Hammerlocks are clearly black, not that it matters. Willhelms white. straight up.

The Hammerlocks aren’t Black, they’re Latino’s, or just really tan.

No, pretty sure they are black. Besides, there are varying shades of black, from very dark skinned, to very light.
The “latinos”, so to speak, would be Salvador and I guess Mordecai. Some lump him in that category. Im torn on it personally, but thats popular belief.

Eh, I saw her picture. She’s too close to the “idealized” model to really add much diversity.

So she’s not ugly enough/fat enough to be included? This has to be the most roundabout compliment I’ve ever read…

We also need to consider what kind of “Black” we are talking about. Is this Black as the “Black African-American Negro” standard, or is this more like the Black as the "Dominican Black baseball player, whom grandma would affectionately call her favorite Negro shortstop (“because those white yankee shortstops aren’t cutting it!”)?

“Latino” encompasses a number of varied looks, from the deep dark tan of Brazilian supermodels, pale Spanish blue bloods, to all my brown-skinned vatos kickin’ it in the 619 (“Orale!”).

Honestly, I always see Alister as just having a Pandoran tan, with Aurelia having a lighter tan.

Side question, why does Sir Hammerlock have the same first name as a well known devil worshiper (Alister Crowley)? More than likely just coincidence, but my curiosity is flaring now.

Watch your tongue man :stuck_out_tongue:

@Kitty_Jo is one fiiiine looking lady.