So Is there a Week 4 event? What is the Twitch Event?

Just curious.

I’m seeing a bunch of vague stuff about “Twitch” and “Bloody Harvest” but no details.

Its a free limited time dlc, check the news section on for all the details

The Twitch event starts tomorrow day 22 and ends on 29 (October)
The Bloody Harvest event starts on the 24th and ends on December 5th

What exactly is the twitch event? Is it for pc players only ?

I was wondering the same thing. Also why call it “week 4” when there was a delay in starting it?

I’d like to know what the heck is going on, but I don’t see much. Just a bunch of vague ads.

I don’t do the whole game streaming thing, so i can’t really understand what i read. There is apparently enemies or something that will spawn more. It seems to point at more anointed adds and therefore more anointed gear. I think. I could be wrong though, it has happened once before.

During the mayhem event, enemies will have greater chance to drop anointed gear. This was said during the co-op couch that they have every Thursday on the official bl3 twitch channel.

Doesn’t sound like much of an event. Too bad. I thought the first two weeks were pretty good, and made sense.

Week 3 was just plain silly, and your explanation (which isn’t really very much) is the clearest thing I’ve heard. I would have thought that like the first 3 weeks, there would be some clarity on the B3 website.

I don’t really care much for Twitch, Facebook, streaming or all the other “lets’ all pat each other on the back social media stuff.”

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Yeah, it seems pretty clear. In the news section there is a week by week guide telling you about the events and so on such forth. Just click the individual week event to read more.

Not sure how much clearer the person can be:

Annointed items have a greater chance to drop as loot in the game during the time period of the Mayhem event.

Does that help?

Not really. I see a lot detailing week 3, but nothing much about week 4.