So is Void's Edge utterly impossible to solo?

Or do I just suck at this? I’ve tried every character available a couple of times and I’m usually seriously wounded before Wolf even drops. So far, I’ve done well with Miko, but the last defense there’s just no way to dish out enough damage before they overwhelm him. Also, should Miko be able to heal Wolf or what?

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done this map multiple times solo on advanced, you just need to stay back

I play with Marquis a lot and found he struggled a bit in voids edge solo. I thought the level/enemies were better suited to a melee character to solo, but that’s still just based on my playstyle and skill with the game. I’ve soloed the level with 3-4 different characters on normal. Also, you can spend shards to give wolf a small healing buff that helps

tanks working well solo, try one and stay back, kill fast and if posible from distance