So it's been a month and a half

Just wondering if they fixed transfers from PS4 to PS5 yet.

I’m talking about getting the trophies we already got once.
All the stuff in our bank.
Progress towards achievements working on transferred characters.

Any of those working yet? Not going to bother playing until they work, in fact starting to feel extremely annoyed that I paid for a DLC pass that I can’t even play yet.

They haven’t fixed it. Here’s been my experience:

I installed the game only on PS5. Uploaded my lvl 65 Moze with 43 days+ game time from my PS4 (I still have my old system). I downloaded Moze to PS5 and with the exception of the DLC stuff not being available yet, worked fine.

I installed all the DLC and play Moze, it’s perfect.

I go back to my PS4 and upload my lvl 65 Zane.
Download him on PS5. His artifact slot is locked out.
So far, nothing I’ve tried has allowed that character to get his artifact slot working. I’m now downloading my cloud Ps4 saves to PS5 and I’ll try and upload him from PS4 version on PS5.