So I've died 30 times trying to take down Felicity

What’s the trick? I keep running out of bullets and her heath isn’t even down 50 percent yet. I’ve spent so much money on re-construction after dying that I’ve gone broke and can’t afford to buy bullets. No, I’m not on ultimate mode or whatever, this is just the regular play through.

Is there someplace I can get decent weapons and shields? Do I have to pay ten bucks to get a secret weapon to get past this part? I’m at level 18, the mission is at level 14 (trivial - LOL) but Felicity is level 18 - why? I can’t shoot her through that electronic force field but she can shoot me - why?

I’ve already done all the side quests (of which there aren’t enough) so I can’t grind up that way. Right now I’m just staying in the cubbyhole and shooting the robots for 62XP each… maybe in a couple of weeks I can grind up a level or two and actually get past this part.

Really frustrating as I’ve enjoyed the game up to this point.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

The following is going to be very general advice as I don’t know what character you are or your build. You can use this to fill out your build and then just copy the link and send it here so we can see what skills you’ve got and possibly recommend refinements.

  • Corrosive, shock and non elemental should be your weapons of choice.
  • Take out her turrets first as that’s her main source of damage.
  • Her eye is the critical hit location, don’t really bother anywhere else as she has massive damage reduction.
  • When Felicity’s shield goes up you need to target the surveyor, kill it and her shield drops.
  • Felicity isn’t overly mobile so don’t be afraid to hole up behind a pillar and play hide and seek.

Calculator doesn’t work.

Thanks anyway but I’m quitting the game, I can’t spend a thousand hours trying to do one boss fight.

Oh well, it was fun up to this point. Glad I didn’t pay 60 dollars for it LOL.

Take care.,

Well if you’re adamant with giving up, then whatever. But this community can help you, especially if this isn’t your first Borderlands game. I’d say so long as you’re a little bit lucky with gear, this boss dies in about 15 seconds on most of the characters I play in NVHM.

I’m not saying it’ll be that fast for you, but that I have the experience to help.

And the link does work.

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Just in case: that site requires JS (what site doesn’t these days?) allowed for and, so make sure those aren’t being blocked.


“especially if this isn’t your first Borderlands game”… well that’s the thing, I just went through Borderlands 1 with all the DLC and kicked rear the whole way. Then I went through Borderlands 2 with all the DLC and kicked rear the whole way. Then I get to this game and it’s die, die, die, die, die, die, die.

For one reason or another they made this game way harder than parts 1 and 2. I don’t know why, maybe the uber players were complaining it was too easy or something, but I shouldn’t have to be an uber player to get through a mission when I’m FIVE LEVELS above it. I’m FIVE LEVELS above it and my shield gets totally destroyed by one shot from an enemy. Three more shots and I’m fighting for my life. That did not happen in Borderlands 1 and 2, if you were FIVE LEVELS above it you could usually just walk right through it.

I mean really, give the player a chance huh?

I feel like TPS is waaay easier than BL2… Which character are you using? Are you shooting the eye shield when it’s up? Because that reflects bullets. Are you using corrosive, explosive or non-elemental weaponry? Are you using an on level shield and guns? I can’t imagine Felicity being that much of a hindrance, and it’s NVHM at that.


What type and level is the shield? I’ve had that same issue in BL2 myself, and realised the shield I had equipped was just the wrong one for the situation.

I feel your pain - my first time though TPS (Athena) I had a hard time with that fight just from a “what am I supposed to do here” perspective. I think I died a couple of times and almost ran out of ammo, but I managed to get though it (and I am definitely NOT an über player!)

A few folks have posted some good tips. The only thing I’d add to that is keep moving - I work my way around quite a bit so the homing rockets and turrets don’t have an easy time. AoE shock and corrosive grenades, elemental SMGs, launchers - those should get you through. Throw in an adapative shield and you should be able to get through the fight.


This game is way easier than BL2, and in some ways it’s easier than BL1. They toned down the scaling, and made the characters a lot better compared to BL2.

Again, I can’t start to help until you tell me your character and preferably your gear too.


Okay so thinking about it I think I know what I need to do.

Playing through parts 1 and 2 I always did a lot of side quests so the main quests were 4 or 5 levels below me. As a result they were very easy games, I didn’t need to put much effort into it as I could just run in blasting and mow everything down. As a result I didn’t learn how to plan out an attack, analyze enemies and find their weaknesses, learn combat tactics and the such.

So I think that’s why I’m having problems with TPS, this is a game where you can’t just run in blasting away.

So what I’m going to do is play through BL2 again in TVHM and hopefully the increased difficulty will force me to learn efficient planning and tactics and I will be better prepared the next time I tackle TPS.

Thanks everyone, really appreciate the input. Next time Felicity is going down!!!


How’d it go? I can help you, depending on what you play on.

Hopefully, you’ve already blasted Felicity into oblivion, but in case you haven’t, here’s my two cents.

Regardless of character or build, you must take out her surveyor shields asap.

Do NOT shoot her eye if the eye shield is in place, I’m pretty sure that hers does even more reflective damage than most constructors and it seems to have a shorter ‘downtime’ than others as well.

Corrosive EVERYTHING - grenades, bullets, action build, everything. Some shock is good too.

I had a very frustrating experience with this particular battle my first time through, but I made it and so can you! Don’t give up, show that traitorous AI who the boss is!

Good luck! :slight_smile:

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I did another playthrough as Wilhelm ( Nisha the first time) and it was far easier with Wolf distracting her keeping the attack off me while I unloaded on her. Once her legs blew off I just stayed far away and picked her off with my sniper rifle.

Learned a couple of tricks - as bosses always seem to spawn two levels above you I go through the game doing no side missions until I get to the boss fight. Get the boss to spawn and then go do side quests to level up to the same level or one above the boss.

Also invest moonstones into a lot of ammo for the rocket launcher so you can deal some good damage.

Yeah, I rage quit, and it was frustrating, but it felt SO good to see her go down :slight_smile:

Now on to Zapredon…

Thanks everyone!

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Zarpedon will give you trouble if Felicity did :wink:

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There’s a very good reason why you get a bunch of gear from Moxxi before going back to Helios, and that reason is Zarpedon! Frustrating fight until you get the mechanics and timing figured out.


Wait until you get to RK5… :cry:

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I didn’t find RK5 all that difficult tbh, Zarpedon was more annoying, but it is based on your gear I guess.

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I just remember it being a complete mare when I was trying to do Level 70 solo Nisha, but I admit my gear wasn’t brilliant.

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It’s not that difficult but like The Bunker it flies around so ironically the real difficulty is from the regular mobs you’ve been fighting on your way to the boss arena. Kinda ridiculous tbh.

Just as a tip: use a corrosive laser BEAM, it’s not deflected by her shield. This is especially useful for Nisha.

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