So I've died 30 times trying to take down Felicity

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Flayer + Nisha = OP


May 19, 2015

Version 1.0.6 patch notes.


22.Reflected laser beams will now properly display after ricocheting

At one time it was fixed supposedly, but it’s broken again now, and beams don’t reflect from Felicity, X-STLK-23, BA Glitches, etc. It’s not just a display - there is no reflection damage.

If someone is downing themselves fighting Felicity, who’s a cakewalk boss, the easiest, simplest thing they can do, besides learning how to play their class, is to use a beam.

I’d tell those people to use a Maggie or a Striker with Nisha, but I’m 95% certain they’d just kill themselves faster.

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neither do Rockets. My preferred method is a corrosive badaboom. get a kill to unlock Tombstone and just unload that RL all over her. lmao :laughing:

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Is that faster than the flayer video?

When farming for the heads (story-only, read-only tick required) and skins, I did it about the same as the video, except after taking out the first turret to activate tombstone, I attacked her crit to stack crits - purple + red It wouldn’t seem like that would take off enough time to bother doing, but when you’re looking at dozens , or possibly hundreds of kills to get the head or the skin (it’s 1-in-10, but the skin often falls though the floor or she drops a different class), you’re always looking for ways to shave some time off. Farming bosses in TPS is like farming BNK-3R - multiple items in the legendary loot pool - except BNK-3Rs loot doesn’t regularly fall through the floor or fly off the map (although occasionally he’ll get turned around and spew loot off the mountain.)

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No. Its just risk free, not having to pay attention to when she puts up her deflective shield. I used to use a corrosive Torrent before i expanded my gear/weapon options.