So i've tryed the basic game ... how to upgrade to ultimate?

So far, I see that you are f… if you tryed the basic game and loved it. It seems the only way to get the ultimate is to buy the game again but with full package.

Honestly Gearbox, I hope there is a upgrade plan possible.


You can just buy Season Pass 1 and 2 and you are set.
The cosmetics like Retro Pack etc. are not included in SP, but they are just cosmetics so…

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for 3$ more i get everything… This isn’T making sense in a way.

Buying during a steam sale is going to make price comparison confusing.

Best to compare when everything is discounted or when everything is full price. Prices are arbitrary.


Especially on platform stores like Steam!

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If I recall correctly, you also get the gold skins with the ultimate, so technically it’s cheaper right now. I could be wrong tho.

Either way, pricing does get confusing during sales like this.