So Joey is Bugged. Do the others work?

Cartels final boss is busted. I never played the other two events last time.
Before trying them now, can anyone confirm if their boss(es) are glitched also.

Is he stuck in immune mode? That can happen if Tyrone Smallums is one of his buddies in the fight. If Tyrone takes too much damage at once he can glitch and become perma-immune and thus Joey is as well. When that happens to me I just fast-travel back to the beginning of the map and run back to the arena, and that resets the fight. (Save/quit works too but fast travelling is quicker and you don’t have to deal with all the mobs again.)

(This was a glitch that also happened last year and it hasn’t been fixed evidently.)


Never had this issue. Killed him quite a few times now, with Smallums and other bosses present.

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No issues this year. Joey is a bit tankier this year, but otherwise it’s fine.

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No issues so far. Even with Tyrone showing up.

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No issues with Joey and Tyrone this time. Instead just 0% randomization of which gang I face

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Thanks for the info…

I guess it’s not everyone having the issue with Joey.

I’ll give the other two events a go.

Joey is alright for me, although tyrone became invincible again on my first run.

Joey also is generous and drops a consecutive hits yellowcake on my first try.

I am having the same issue some others are having… I used all my ammo/grenades even a yellowcake, his Armour dropped maybe a third.

I had to use a trainer to beat him, and he dropped a Black Hole both times.

Obviously it is not happening for everyone.

I’m on PC, can the rest of you state your platform please…

His health seems to be a universal issue. Not everyone listed their platform, but there’s pretty solid representation (and a couple of useful tips) here:

I didn’t realise, for example, that the turrets gave Joey elemental immunities. As for the Tyrone thing, that’s one of those ‘too much damage’ weirdnesses, isn’t it? So it should be avoidable with a little forethought into loadout before dropping down.

I’ve killed him 10 times and today I got into this situation. It happens when Tryone shows up and you kill him too fast. Then he stays in his small mode and you can’t finish it.

Workaround for me was to exit the game and restart. You can immediately go to Villa Ultraviolet and the fountain is still open. So no need to farm parts first. When I did that, Joey spawned with different side bosses.


Good tip… That is certainly what was happening to me, he kept his Short appearance, and couldn’t be downed.

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